Band: MAZE
Country: Poland
Title: Devouring the Sun
Label: Independent
Year: 2014
Style: Melodic Heavy Black Metal

This is an old release, and to be honest I don't even remember if I received it from the band or from one of their friends, but it's clear it started circulating again since the band also started to work on their debut album, and announced the signing with Antitheus Productions (I'm not familiar with the label though), too. The 4 tracks demo is the band's first and only release so far and displays an interesting mix of Heavy Metal and Melodic Black Metal with seemingly occult topics when it comes to the lyrical concept. We get some neat, memorable guitar leads (twin guitars at times) that seem to be the highlight and the strong point of this band, on a layer of quite generic Epic Heavy Metal guitar riffs, mid-tempo to fast paced rhythm section, all fronted by good Black Metal shrieks, but unfortunately with a thin production, oh well, for a demo it's good enough I'd say. It's an easily digestible, catchy music that can find it's own path in this retro kind of environment the scene is in at the moment, but with a good, professional production, that's for sure. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6.5/10