Country: Canada
Title: Die in Pain
Label: PRC Music
Year: 2018
Style: Thrash Death Metal

After 6 years of existence, during which the band managed to release a couple of demos, an EP and a split, Torturer are finally presenting their debut album, a 10 tracks assault of Thrash Death Metal the old shool way. Starting to talk about it from the cover artwork, I'd say the combination of Black and Red is usually a winner, but the primitive schetch of a man stabbing his chin and chest with a screwdriver being surrounded by pointless reversed crosses (why use them? the band seem to have no ties or affiliations with satanism whatsoever...) is hilarious to say the least, so this will only be appreciated by the old-school die-hard fanatics not only into music but also into primitive graphic art, too. The music, although still keeping that primal, unsophisticated, visceral approach and not being technical at all, is way better than the cover artwork, it's that sort of mix between Thrash and Death Metal that the end of the '80's used to bring us, that honest, naive, full throttle aggression brewed back in those years. Still, apart from this ferocious approach the compositions lack of really interesting elements, it all overused patterns, catchy but heard a thousand times before in a thousand old-school bands. They remind me of Master, maybe with a more aggressive and visceral vocal. Anyway, the mind is there, the heart for sure, old-school is their path, so fanatics of this genre will certainly appreciate the efforts. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10