Greetings, Hugin, thanks for deciding to answer my questions for Pest 'zine. Have you told your guitarist about this interview? What did he say?
He-he I guess you are referring to the fact that he calls himself Pest also.. well to use his own words, he knows that PEST is not a very original name, and he did NOT expect that he would be the only one naming himself Pest, so he is alright with that ..

I'm curious, is it day or night when you're answering this intie? Do interviews mean anything to you? Do you have to have a special state of mind when answering one?
Its day-time right now, and yes of cause interview matters!, just like lyrics do. I think its important to share your view and believes, and also it keeps the readers up with what has been going on lately etc, so yes interviews means something to me.. I think that mostly People that doesn’t give interviews, are afraid to be confronted with their own lack of honesty and so-called believes and "True” attitude
When people have something to say, and believes in it, they speak. When they have nothing to offer, and its all about attitude and image, they usually keep their mouth closed.. Simple as that! (well, that’s just my opinion of cause) but of cause an interview can be so crappy that one doesn’t want to answer it I guess, but I have never stumbled over SUCH a bad interview, that I did not want to answer it yet. Up to now I have answered all interviews send my way.
I need no special state of mind when answering an interview, but I like to be focused, so I usually answer interviews when I have a day/night with good time, which is not that often these days.

You're a dark follower, but since when? Do you remember the first time you started having doubte and asking questions about the truth behind religion? Does music had any influence on you back then?
Yes I do remember the first time I started asking and seeking questions and answers to religion and life in general, I was actually very young, and no, music did not have any influence on that back then, since I barely had a music-taste in that age. I grew up 500 meters from the local church, and had the local priest as a neighbour and the first thing you question, is the first thing you see, and as I -when being around 5years old- saw the church, and the priest-farm every time I played in the garden or went outside, I got a natural interest in what this was, so along with my intelligence developing along childhood, I investigated and understood the hypocrisy of the church and its religion, and grew up with a hate and disgust for this very empty and hollow mass-deceiving institute. that laid right next-door, and I also hated the people that came to the church, for, liking what I hated.. 
So I turned to the power of Satan (as Christianity calls that energy) way before I had music in my life. But when I was 14.years old, and had the possibility I moved from the island of Bornholm were I grew up, went to Sjalland/Copenhagen, and started my first band, with the purpose of spreading my believes, thoughts, visions etc.

Ever had an attraction for Christian holydays like Easter or Christmas? How are your holydays now? I guess it bothers you to be so fed up by all those "happy" feelings those times of the year.
It bothered me a lot when I was younger, because I had to escape from it.
By that I mean I lived with my family and their traditions, but also When that is said, you must understand that there isn’t much Christianity in the way my family celebrated these holiday-times. To them it was more a reason to gather the family and have a good time, my parents doesn’t care for Christianity much either, but as I was, and is, a soul that takes things very serious, I struggled a lot with my family celebrating these Christian holidays when I was a child, because it felled like they were betraying my standards and believes.. These days I don’t care, you see I moved on my own when I was 14. years old, (and I am 30 now) and from there on I could make my own traditions. So these days I don’t care about Christian holidays.
But, but , but I can not leave this question without informing you if you don’t know already, that Christmas or Jul, as it is called in Denmark, is originally here a heathen tradition the Vikings celebrated, and first later on, Christianity took the concept and put their own god and symbols into jul/Christmas.
And over a few hundred years JUL/Christmas was turned over to be a celebrating of Christ. Instead of a celebration of the year, which it originally was to the notherns. Many things are like that, you see Christianity when trying to move in on the heathens to convert them, took things the heathen could relay to, and used them in their attempt to persuade them that this new religion called Christianity was the way forward.
One god above all! Instead of the many gods the heathens had. So when the heathens were already having a traditions on celebrating Jul/Yule that they wouldn’t let go of no matter how much the Christians tried to convince them, Christianity thought : "hey, since they will not let it go, lets make this tradition the heathens call Jul/Yule, into a celebration of Christ.. no even better lets make it a celebration of Jesus birth!” and in a period over 400 years of manipulation and deleting of history, so it was done..

When did you started take contact with the black metal scene? What attracted you? Why was it better than the "regular" music?
I started my first band only with 1.purpose.. to spread my thoughts, visions, ideas and believes. When i started MISANTHROPIA I came in naturally contact with the up-growing blackmetal scene, but I cant say something special attracted me into this scene, it was just a natural development, as I found related souls in this inviroment.. when I first started MISANHROPIA it was never the idea to play a certain type of style, I just wanted to create an serious extreme Satanic Metal-band, and as none of us were pro’s we just played it as we felled it should be, and as I have never been capable of Growling(and don’t like it much either) I had to use my own personal vocal, (more screaming and tortured), and this way the band felled under that times "blackMetal” label which was also very true, or atleast the closest you come to labelling our art, as we had nothing in comment with those days deathmetal-scene (yes back then there weren’t so many different styles you see hehe) but our main focus has and will always be on the lyrics, as to begin with the music was nearly a tool to spread the lyrics, if you know what I mean.

Most of the black metalheads I know or knew along the years take pride that they first started with the cult bands like Venom, Celtic Frost, Bathory, etc. Is that a thing to be proud of? 
No, proud is not the right word, but I guess it shows they had good taste hehe, and its just the way things developed I think, I also listened to all the bands you just mentioned growing up, and its just a fact that many of todays older metalheads started with listening to these and likewise bands. You also have to understand that these bands were actually the best ones around at that moment, or at least the ones one could relay to, so its not something about being "proud” of it, or not for me, its just the way it was/is and that was what we grew up with. You see there weren’t that many bands with satanic lyrics back then.

What if for example the first band a youngster hears and changes his life is an underground one, known only regionally? Is that kid an object of mockery?
Strange question..ehhh why should he be that? I don’t know..i guess not..dont really care ..

The first rock band I ever liked was Guns'N'Roses, I never hide that. Which was the first rock band ever to be spinned in your player?
The first EVER was Melissa LP with MERCYFUL FATE, which I borrowed from my best friends step-father. The next was "jump in the fire” 10inch EP which I bought from a friend when I was 10 years old (both is luckily still in my collection today)

Now, back to you. Which was your first project/band? Is it still around? Please tell us more about your previous musical activities.
My first band was MISANTHROPIA which I created in 1994. its not around anymore.
My bands/projects through the years are : BLODARV (active), HUGIN (not around), SKJOLD (stopped this year), MISANTHROPIA (not around), ARANRÚTH (stopped in 98), GWATH (not around), SANSAGER (stopped in 98), ESSOUPI (not around)

I won't ask you about the history of Blodarv because it's on the website, but I would ask you about the meaning of its name. Why did you have the urge to create another band and what's different between Blodarv and your previous bands?
BLODARV was under process along with all my other activities, so it was my plan to create BLODARV from the beginning, and not a sudden urge I developed.
BLODARV is the concentrated essence of me.. and much more personal than my earlier bands.
I wanted to created it, because I wanted to put all my demons, thoughts and visions into 1 intense band.. and not spread them over many, also I wanted a band exactly in my own spirit, that’s why I started BLODARV.

BLODARV means "inherit in the blood” or "passed on in the blood”

I know Skjold was deeply Satanic propaganda. What about Blodarv? I think the second one has a more death, dark, misterious oriented approach. Am I right?
Yes you are right, but as I partly spoke of before, BLODARV is my thoughts, visions, demons and Life, so I guess some would call it satanic propaganda.. well you cant define BLODARV with a label.. it must be listened to, and the lyrics must be read. I have no certain agenda for my music, lyrics etc, I just play and write from my heart and soul. That’s BLODARV.

Your lyrics are truly deep and very interesting. How do you write your lyrics? Where from comes all this inspiration? Was there any period when you felt uninspired and couldn't write any more?
Thanks, and No there wasn’t, I just write them along with my life developing, my inspiration is all that surrounds me, both bad and good things, so I am always inspired to write more.

I've seen you don't like that much to explain your lyrics, but why do you feel the need to write them so personal, to expose all your thoughts? Don't you fel that makes you a bit vulnerable?
No my friend,that does not make me vulnerable, not at all.. this is what its all about, why should I write un-peronal lyrics? There are plenty of pop-bands doing that! Ill leave that to them and there empty-headed fans.
I write my lyrics and music, because I actually have something I want to say, state, or tell
I went into music because (as mentioned a few times now) I wanted to spread my thoughts, visions, demons etc, not because I wanted to unload a lot of fake empty-hearted bullshit into the world, which in my opinion there are also plenty bands doing out there. I want honest music and lyrics, and by that I mean honesty to myself. I stand behind all my lyrics and music 100%, that’s also why I don’t care if people don’t understand or likes it, as long as I can stand 100% behind my art, that’s all that matters to me. As for explaining my lyrics, its not that I don’t want to, but what is there to explain really? Its all written in the lyrics.. it can not be explained better then its done in the lyrics.. Lyrics are created, and are as they are, for this very reason. I don’t see how one can explain what is already explained.?

Black metal is a major industry nowadays and even the so called "true" bands that promote their releases as "22 handnumbered copies" want to sell. I don't want to offend anyone, but it seems there are only few people left that care more about their principles and ideas than about image and beautiful girls. How do you see it?
I agree 100%. But hey If that’s what people want to spend their time on, let them, it don’t move me. There are so many idiots in the world, and I don’t care for such people/bands, they are not a part of my universe.. fuck’em

I liked the fact you stated in one of your interviews that you would like to earn your living from BLODARV and so to live only through and for it. That's honesty and I see nothing wrong with that, but why do you think many of the "true" black metallers are blaming you for that?
Haha ..Are they? I don’t care! 
Perhaps they are not dedicated enough to their own art.. but If these so-called true black-metallers would rather earn their living and spend precious time on being a plumber, carpenter or something else, that’s fine with me.. personally I prefer to create lyrics and music, but if they prefer something else, like plumbing or so, Fine with me. 
You see All my time goes with BLODARV, and there is no room/time for anything else like a "normal” job, so ofcause I would like to live from what I do, wouldn’t anyone?
I do it anyway, so why wouldn’t I like to get paid for it, and not waste precious time on getting money elsewere.? When this is said, there is something you have misunderstood a bit ..I live (to re-use your own words) only through and for BLODARV and have always done so, no matter if I can live from it or not!(if not I will die trying!) I don’t care for money,(anyone who knows me knows that) but it bothers me to use time on earning money through a normal job, when I could have used that time on BLODARV instead. But perhaps these "true” teenagers likes to spend time on a "normal” job

And related to that, you are using female vocals. I remember a few years back any band using female vocals were labelled traitors and trendy. Why? Why there's so much fights in this scene?
These days it isn’t a strong scene, its filled with spoiled children who talks bad about each-other, and one claiming to be more "true” than the other. The focus is gone, and both God and Satan laughs these days I think. it’s a shame, but I don’t care if these "Satanists” fights each-other, though in my opinion they really should concentrate on fighting the real enemy of Satan .. well of course when this is said, you can also have enemies within own lines, it all depends.. but these days most of these "true satanists” are just doing exactly what the Christians hope for,.. its weak, and pathetic, just like christianity. 
As for using female vocals, you are right, it’s a fact that it was over-used by many and it still is, but everything is relative, and i actually agree that there was/are to many using female vocals just because it is/was popular, but there is also some bands out there using it with meaning, were it actually gives something to the music and/or lyrics. To explain it better, let me tell you why we use female vocal in BLODARV.
We use female vocal in the parts of my lyrics were it is a female soul that speak, thinks, or acts.
We use it to create a more correct vision of the story in the music. As stated before the lyrics come first in BLODARV, so we create a sound-image based on the lyrics if you know what I mean, meaning that if there is a part in the lyrics that includes a female soul, then it will be sung by a female soul (satainae Ma)
Etc,etc…Did that make sence..

OK, pissed you a lot with my childish questions, now let's talk about your latest release which I think it's simply awesome. the story and atmosphere behind it is really giving the creeps. Congratulations for such a deep material. Can you please say a few, general words about it? Is Linaria's tale a real story or fiction?
Many thanks, and yes Its a 100 percent true story, There is no fiction on that album at all my friend. As I said previously I am honest both to myself and my art, and everything on it is all real. As for the concept on this album, Its just a small fragment of My and now dead Linarias mind and life..

Who was Linaria Amlech and? Was she really schizophrenic? She was a really beautiful girl, why was she so depressed? 
Yes some would define her schizophrenic..
Being Beauty has nothing to do with feeling either depressed, schizophrenic or likewise.
Its only if you are a very stupid hollow person you get your happiness only from looking good..
looks doesn’t reflect how you feel inside my friend.. do you also think beautiful people are always happy and beautiful on the inside?.. then you are very wrong I can tell you.

About the demon in her head, do you know how was he supposed to look like? When did it all started? 
Did you just ask me how here demons looked like?.. You are aware of that we speak of demons in the mind and soul right?! And not a human-figure in front of you that you can see.. this is just as strange a question as when you ask me how I think the devil looks like.. thats doesn’t make sense in my head, the devil or a demon, is not a person that looks a certain way, its energies that manifests in many different forms, I honestly don’t understand if these questions are serious, sorry but I am not on this level. 

She enjoyed the pain inflicted by Battailes, but despite that she was afraid of abortion... Maybe behind all this is the message that love is pain but it doesn't hurt? 
You have misunderstood it ..Linaria enjoyed pain, and was not afraid of abortion, she was afraid/uncomfortable of hospitals. That’s why she tried to do the abortion herself.

It's a strange thing reading her diary: she says she can't wait to sleep, to meet him in her dreams, although at a moment she says he's around all day...
No, she says that during the day she feels his presence around her all the time, but during sleep, she meets and speaks with him.

How were the reactions towards this (in my opinion) masterpiece? 
Thanks, They’ve been good, I cant complain, but the most important thing to me was to get this album out ( a needed mental process) then the reactions on it must become as they become.

As the album is now kind of old, when we'll see/hear the new album? It will be a pretty tough job to surpass "Linaria", what do you think? What will be the new album about?
The next release will definitely not stand in the shadow of the LINARIA-release, I will leave it up to the listener to decide if one album surpass another, but in my opinion this new release features some of the best I have ever made up to now, and I look forward to introduce the new line up with the new members on CD also, as up to now they have mostly been a part of the live-line up, so this album is the first were all the members participate on, and I look forward to get that out. Its been a good process.
Anyway, as always I want reveal to much about the upcoming album before its out, and it will be released very soon ( we are speaking weeks) so you can see for yourself very soon. but I am VERY satisfied with it, I can say that the title for the release is "Civitas Diaboli” and it will be released in a regular, and a special digi-pack edition together with Civitas Diaboli T-shirt, pin and patch. All released by EISENWALD TONSCHMIEDE Germania

Hugin Prods is still alive? What releases do you have available at the moment and what are you planning to release if you are?
No its definitive over, I simply don’t have the time for it and haven’t had for many years.
So no more releases on Hugin Prod, but you can still get some of my old stuff as demos etc released on hugin prod, directly from me, so if people are interested in some of my old demos and projects, they can always write me and we will find out of something.

Another question related to Blodarv is about the two female vocalist. Why two, one for recordings and one for live gigs?
I am glad you ask, because there has been some misunderstandings there.
Just before BLODARV became a full line up with the new possibility to play live, I spoke with ISAZ that did the Vocals on the earlier releases if she had the time to do the vocals live for future gigs, and she simply had not, she has so many other things in her life that takes her time, so she would only be able to join us live on like 5 out of 10 concerts, so we both agreed on that it would not work, so from that day I let Satinae Ma take over all the female vocals part, meaning that she sings on the old track live also, doing the vocals that Isaz originally did on the CDS "Soulcollector” and "Linaria Amlech” and Satinae Ma is now a full member of BLODARV so she also does all the female vocal-parts on future releases, and is the only female singer in BLODARV. It is also only Satinae Ma that does the female vocal on the upcoming "Civitas Diaboli” release (you can listen to the tittle track on our myspace profile www. myspace. com/blodarv

If you were asked to play at, let's say, Metal Camp, with the biggest bands around for a shitload of money, but during daytime, would you do it? By the way, how's Blodarv live? How's the atmosphere?
In BLODARV we like to play live, so yes ofcause we would, but not because a shit load of money as you say. And it wouldn’t matter to me if we play with the biggest or the smallest bands. We are there to do our own performance, so which other bands plays there also, doesn’t really matter. 
but of cause we always prefer to play with like-minded bands, because its always more enjoyable to play with some bands you like, and can relay to.
Anyway, If I haven’t made it clear, it is not the money that drives us my friend. we are into this because We want to spread the universe of BLODARV, not because we want to be rich or rock-stars.
Surely we wouldn’t like to play during day, if we could play at night instead, but if we could only play during day-time we would still do that of cause, a bit of daylight shouldn’t be able to stop us..
That would be weak.
As for BLODARV Live we always do our best to create a strong atmosphere on stage, and build of the scene with a look that fits the universe of BLODARV, and then we just let the demons out, and perform with a with a –kickjesusass-powerful stage-act.. We want to give the audience all we got every time we play, and there is always something new happening each time we play.. you should come.

Thanks for your time, Hugin, and sorry for all these questions, I'm a curious fellow. There were more of them, but I'll keep them for the next time we'll talk. P(b)est regards!
Thanks for the interview, and a big fucking HAILS to all our friends, followers, supporters and allied!
May the devil be with you all!!
666 hugin

July 2008