Country: Luxembourg
Title: They Believed Us and Perished for It
Label: Independent
Year: 2020
Style: Experimental Black Metal

Wow, this band's name is impossible to pronounce, or at least I cannot unless thought by the sole member behind it named (better said nicknamed) simply Man. This is the project's debut demo, a 5 tracks material that was performed and recorded in an experimental manner meaning Man found a number of musicians on the net (through Fiverr and similar places) and got them to play whatever they felt like without knowing each-other, not even the number of these special guests is public. Obviously what resulted is totally experimental, far from perfection or from a professional / polished result, so you'd better be aware of this before trying it out. We get a slow to mid-tempo Black Metal, raw to the bone but with a melodic edge here and there, fronted by a moaning vocal which is seconded by proper Black Metal shrieks, and to tell you the truth there are parts of it I find really good, but the absence of a proper vision and the unnecessary elongation and repetition of most passages makes it loose grip on the listener. The atmosphere, mostly because of those permanent desperate moans, is quite depressing and bleak, and that's probably the best feature of this demo, an atmosphere which if enhanced, might result in something truly terrifying, it led my mind to an abandoned ghostly village far away from the touch of civilization, an almost cinematic experience. Hope to get more and better stuff from this project in the near future, the beginning is promising.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6.5/10