Country: USA
Title: Starbound
Label: Grimm / Metropolitan State
Year: 2017
Style: Dark Ambient Black Metal

According to Metal Archives this is Cryostasium's 14th EP; the Boston based one man band active under this moniker since 2002 also released a handful of demos, splits and no less than 6 full-length albums, most of them released after 2011, plus an EP after this one I'm talking about here, so we're dealing with quite a productive musical output here. For my shame this is the first time I came across this band, so it was a total mystery for me and to tell you the truth it resulted in a very nice surprise, if all the other releases are on this path Cryostasium is definitely deserves much more attention. The 5 tracks featured here (25 minutes of playing time) are a strange mix of Black Metal and Dark Ambient with the most eerie atmosphere you can imagine, and that's what sets Cryostasium apart from other projects, the dissonant guitars and completely ghoulish keyboard backgrounds are creating a terrifying yet mesmerizing atmosphere, and I haven't felt this since Burzum's Filosofem. The vocals sound like spectral sounds from another world, absolutely excellent! Yet this is not something the masses will enjoy, it's definitely a niche offering, abrasive, ugly, brutal and totally weird like some works of Hungarian Nagaarum. If you're looking for something different try this out, you might of course hate it to bits, but you might also fell in love with it like I did...
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 10/10