Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.
The story back from Witchcurse camp begins at November 2005 in Thessaloniki, Greece. I wanted many years before to make a band in the true heavy metal way, but I couldn't find members. This time I found one drummer (L-drak) and one guitarist (Necromartyr). I made vocals and playing the bass guitar (Possessed). The thing that we wanted was to be a big kick in the asses of all false metal gernes as goth, emo, nu, atmospheric, banana, television, carnaval, blablabla metal! Haha! With this line up we made a rehearsal tape and after one year Nexromartyr left the band for studies in abroad. We found the new guitarist in the face of the mighty, great warrior Stinky! This man gave all his strenght in the band for the next step. With him we made a demo tape/cd which took only good reviews in the whole underground metal scene! The band was stronger everyday and in 2008 came the idea to take a second guitarist. I met Necro in a metal bar here in Thessaloniki. It was June (round 30 degrees!!!) and he wear a leather jacket. This man was total possessed from the NWOBHM sound and he wanted for years to make a band in this way. He already knew our band so the next day answered possitive in our call to enter the band. After some months in November 2008 and after our return from a live gig in Portugal we decided to kick from the band L-drak. We replaced him with a new drummer called Paul. He was great! In 2 weeks he learnt all our songs and we played our first live gig with him as support band to Tokyo Blade. With this line up which we have kept until now we made many releases (tapes,7"eps,split etc) and this time we have out our first album. An album full of dirty, fast, hard, raw heavy metal!

How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music? 
Our music is just heavy metal! We are influenced very much from the NWOBHM era and from bands as Angelwitch, Iron Maiden, Clovenhoof, Blietzkrieg, Raven, Virtue, Holocaust, Soldier, Venom, Sparta, Wolf and the list goes on and on. But of course influences come from all the gernes of heavy metal and bands as Running Wild, Judas Priest, Manowar, Thor, Steel Assassin, Ostrogoth, Manilla Road etc. We've also take influence from some speed metal bands as Violent Force, Razor, Anvil, Exciter etc

Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums?
If he are into true underground scene for sure he will find our name in a flyer, interview, distro list etc. There are many supporters, friends and fans of the band in the whole world. Many people that raise high our flag. We leave them to speak about our music. We are not a lick-ass band that will beg someone to buy our releases. If he don't like it we just don't care! We are not here to be the next rock stars! we are ok just as heavy metal fans. Everyone that like this way of metal bands can search for us!

What have you released so far and how were your releases received by the public/media? 
Our releases are:
"Rehearsal 18/12/2005" reh tape 2005
"Heavy metal poison" demo tape/cd 2007
"The Witch is alive" live tape 2008
"Heavy metal poison" demo cd portuguese version (incl. bonous track) 2008
"Demon's Warning" tape ep (Herege warfare prod - portugal) 2009
"Witchcurse/Witchtiger - Under the spell" split 7"ep (metal warning records - finland) 2009
"Witchcurse/Witchunter - Defenders of the past" split LP (heavy forces records - germany) 2009
"Heavy metal poison" album vinyl/cd/tape (heavy forces rec - germany / inferno rec - france / dynamite prod - greece) 2010
The most of these releases were sold out in few weeks. Only "The witch is alive" live tape and the brand new album are still available. This thing can make easy to someone that we got great reviews from fanzines and that there are some Witchcurse die hards out there! Some people has told us that we are one of their best band ever. Words like these make as so proud and promised that we will never betray all these people! They are our breath! We really thank all these people from countries as Germany, Portugal, Greece, Ecouador, Chile, France, Peru, Malaysia, Holland, Belgium and the list goes on and on!

Do you play live as well? How's your live activity so far?
Yeah, for us live gigs are really important. We hate all these bands of nowdays that make live gigs without energy, without moves on stage or headband. All these bands that go out and play without image, stage show etc! This is not metal and for sure not rock'n'roll! We try to make violent live gigs. Full of leather, spandex, spikes, growls, headbanging, energy etc. The last year we try to make a litlle stage show, too. The first step was a big flag for the background and soon is coming a big iron red pentagram with candless in fromt the stage! Maybe it will be ready for our next live gig which is in Bulgaria at 25 September, 2010. We have gaven tones of live gigs all these years. Some of them as sopport bands to legends of the scene as Manilla Road, Grim Reaper, Tokyo Blade, Praying Mantis, Leatherwolf, Attacker, Piledriver. We are also one of the few bands in Greece  that has played abroad. Our first live gig out of our country was back in 2008 in Portugal. We just had out a demo! But round 100 maniacs waited us in front of the stage. One of the best memories of my life. We've also made a mini tour in 3 german cities in 2009 (muelheim, frankfurt, hamburg) together with our metal brothers Iron Kobra from Germany that organised the whole mini tour! We really thank them and we will thank them for all our life! Finally, we made another live gig in Germany together with the best new heavy metal band of nowdays (in my opinion) called Metalucifer!!!

What sould labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?
If they are ready for noisy, crazy metal let's contact us! People out of true metal believes please don't contact us!

What plans do you have for the near future as a band?
Million of plans! First of all the promotion of the album with live gigs everywhere. Right now we have booked one live gig in Sofia, Bulgaria together with Omega (Greece) at 25 September, 2010. Another live gig will come round in November of the same year and this time in Greece (after 2 years of silence here!) together with the NWOBHM warriors Cloven Hoof. The date is not sure yet... We plan also some more big things. That means some tours. Nothing sure yet! We just speak with some organisers that came in contact with us. I don't want to speak more about these tours because is nothing sure yet and I NEVER tell something in interview that is not sure yet! We will, also, have some other releases as always. First of all a 7"ep out from War Production (portugal), a tribute cd to Hungarian thrash/black masters of HUngary Fantom. This cd will called "Fantomania 3-Witchcurse Antidisco" and it will be out from Metal Or Die Records - Hungary. We've also plan some re-releases of our demos. The first one will be for "Demon's warning" for first time on cd split with the Iron Kobra's first demo included one bonous track played by the both bands (out from Lame du Espinal Records - Ecuador). The second re-release will be for our "heavy metal poison" demo out on tape from Infernal Overkill Records. So many work here! Finally a fan club of the band will come soon. It will be under the control of a closed friend and fan of the band. More news about this thing coming soon!

Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?
Get into the true underground metal circle! Search for our stuff in distro lists, read for us in fanzines, wait for our next attack which could be in your city (maybe in countries really far from Greece, we will see!hehe). And of course you can, also, contact us to send you our stuff in my snail mail adress:
Dimitris Papachristos, I.Goura 9, 54352 Thessaloniki, Greece. Of course I will send you tones of flyers with other bands, fanzines, labels etc. Together with our stuff that we send through snail mail. Time for everyone to learn how the real underground is! For fastest contact send me email at or (but you will not take flyers of other bands etc in this way!haha). And for the latest news of the band check our website:

September 2010