Country: Spain
Title: Aamamata
Label: BadMoodMan Music
Year: 2019
Style: Melodic Doom Death Metal

Helevorn are walking into their 20th year of activity with releasing their fourth full-length album right in the first month, a bold move some might say, as it's a long way to go until year's end and chances for it to be fresh in the audience's minds are slim, so the tops might forget about it. But I think the band doesn't really care about tops and the fact they are following their somehow beaten and straight path since their beginning (Melodic Doom Death that is) even though it is long out of fashion, is a proof. Helevorn offer here 9 tracks in almost an hour of playing time, a mostly slow paced to mid-tempo Melodic Doom Metal with rare Death Metal residuals (semi-growling vocals and double-kick drumming), as usual influenced by the end '90's - early '00's scene, from my point of view a mix between Lake of Tears, Swallow the Sun, Paradise Lost, Draconian, maybe even Katatonia, a very diverse and wide palette of melodic and heavy sounds that will surely target fans of above-mentioned bands. The vocal section is very complex, beside the outstanding performance of Josep Brunet there are also a lot of guests that spice things up; the guitar work is also well-worth mentioning offering from oppressive guitar riffs to serene acoustic passages, to epic solos; the rhythm section is subtle yet heavily supportive. All in all Helevorn have once again managed to deliver a very good album, one that sounds like thoroughly planned and carefully built, one that offers respect to the listener and fully repays his/her time spent on it.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10