Country: Spain
Title: The Lost Boyz
Label: Art Gates Records
Year: 2018
Style: Sleaze Rock

Although this is not something we usually cover inhere, and although the majority of Extreme Metallers my age (or older) hated this genre back in the '90's, I still listen from time to time to some Glam or Sleaze Rock for a good time, it has a certain unpretentious, energy boosting, fun attitude that may upbring your morale. I'd say the most impressive element in Erotic Psycho's second album are the bass lines, very upfront and incisive, giving the music a solid attitude as a balance with the tongue-in-cheek vocals. Still the guitar work is excellent, well fit within the confines of this genre yet delivering some very cool Hard Rock solos at times. A fun release, easy to listen to, yet I feel like something's missing from it to be a decisive hit, not sure what.