Country: Germany
Title: Jammerbugten
Label: Independent
Year: 2018
Style: Depressive Black Metal

This is my first encounter with Bremen based Aller Sterne Untergang (Google Translate says it means All Star Downfall) but by the look of the CDs I got for review I was certain I'm going to deal with an Ambient Black Metal or a Dark Ambient project, and I was only half wrong. We're dealing here with a Depressive Black Metal one man band and this one if already the third full-length, but that's what you'd expect from a one-man-band, right? 6 tracks totaling 66 minutes of playing time (not by chance I guess) presented with a razor-sharp, raw and unpolished production (even sharper than Burzum's classic early recordings) that may disturb some unaware listeners but on the other hand may elate some others, of course; I find it odd to be honest because the music, the compositions, sound like they are shooting to induce a meditative, depressive feeling to the listener (well, at least when the music doesn't burst into typical Black Metal), but the production is too sharp and abrasive to allow such a state of mind. And indeed, the the drum-programming and riffs go into Black Metal frenzy things sound more natural and you can actually enjoy the aggression it transpires. Some mistakes in execution cought here an there only enhance this rehearsal-type recording feeling, so all in all I can say I like the approach but it's most definitely not enough worked out to reach a satisfactory level, it feels like Astro rushed when recording this although composing the album took him no less than 7 years! I also heva the next released album to review, so let's see if there are any differences.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 5.5/10