Country: France
Title: Out of the Grave
Label: Independent
Year: 2019
Style: Thrash Metal

Prescience were founded back in 2012 as a cover-band, and it took them some time to come up with their own compositions, so here we are (well, were) in 2019 witnessing their debut, a 4 tracks demo clocking a bit over 20 minutes of playing time, recorded during major part of 2018. Demo is an understatement, this is more of an EP than many EPs nowadays; it was professionally recorded (although I believe at home) and benefits from a proper mix and master, unlike a traditional demo. It sounds organic, rough around the edges, but crystal clear and with high attention to details, and to be honest I don't think I would like them better with an over-produced sound. Anyway, the music on it is a tasty mix between old-school and progressive Thrash Metal, so can we say this is an Old-school Progressive Thrash Metal output? Hell yeah we can, it sounds like a mix of old Coroner / Death and new Vektor, even with some Jazzy touches at times! These guys definitely sculpted their way during the cover-band years, to a point now they are so professional they have a complete staff behind, with a lyricist, a sound engineer and a graphician all working together, so they only need to be more efficient with releasing new stuff. This demo was released firstly in a limited run of 100 Digipak CDs in 2019, then a year later in a limited run of 200 hand-made Digipaks with serigraphed hard cardboard, very nice folded booklet with lyrics and a serigraphed CDR, very, very impressive hard work, worthy of any serious CD collection out there. If these guys followup with a full-length this year, or early next year, in the same fashion as this demo, they'll easily kill the competition!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10