Country: France
Title: Fils de Dieu
Label: End All Life Productions
Year: 2018
Style: Drone Funeral Doom 

Third full-length album from French Sektarism, although made of only 2 tracks (but quite long, the total playing time being almost 45 minutes), is showing the development of the band into something quite unique and special. I liked their 2017 album, too, but this one is the peak of their composition so far, no doubts. If the first track is a primitive, ritualistic, repetitive composition involving only vocals and percussion, the second one is a triumph of funeral music. On the first track the vocals are a mix of decaying, dying even sounds on the first part of it, with desperate yells and cries on the second, all supported by some aired, mesmerizing percussion that reminds the ancient pagan rituals. The second track is an album in itself if we take into consideration it is more than half an hour long, but also what's happening on it, how complex and varied it is in its different moments. Here the guitars and bass are also present and make the track develop and increase the tension more and more until the finish. Repetitive and catchy guitar riffs supported by heavy bass lines and a quite rhythmic drumming contrary to the first track which was quite dissonant I'd say, showing us a different approach on ritualistic music, heavier but similarly hypnotic. If after the first track I would have recommended this to only a few initiated listener, after the second I'd say this is highly recommended to everyone into dark music with a strong spiritual background and a terrifying atmosphere, but if you decide to give it a try make sure you'll have patience to taste it all, and only then make up your mind. Combined with a great presentation (digipak with 20 pages booklet completed by an expressive graphic work) and a sinister image (just check out their 2019 full live show on Youtube), this album is a confirmation we're experiencing the growth of a powerful new band.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10