Country: Colombia
Title: Nihilistic Malthusian Manifesto (The Ouroboros Cosmic Indifferentism)
Label: Iron, Blood and Death Corporation
Year: 2017
Style: Speed Thrash Black Metal

Wow, the 7th full-length album by these Colombian Thrash Metal heroes, also marks their 20 years of existence mark, an impressive milestone keeping in mind they've been highly prolific when it comes to releasing music during the last 10 years at least. This new album is made of 11 tracks clocking almost 45 minutes of fast, uncompromising, catchy Speed Thrash Black Metal. If you can pass over the weak sounding main vocals (honestly they're sounding like a hoarse kid it trying to scream), the synthetic drums sound and the childish, generic and simple lyrics (probably because English is not really a language they use frequently), you'll actually discover a solid, menacing band, one that brings a lot of ideas and influences into their music while still keeping it real and goddamn frisky. The supporting (darker, growling-like) vocals are pretty cool, the speed all of this is delivered with is stunning, the guitar riffs are intoxicating and the few gimmicks thrown in here and there like the Salsa (?!!?) part from the 5th track, Interludium: Osario de Palonegro, are absolutely delicious. All in all I did pass over the above mentioned minuses and enjoyed this album a lot, I could listen to it for hours in a row, hence I'm recommending it to you, too; a honest band, hard-working, deserves your full support.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10