Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.
We are a DARK HORIZON from Germany, founded by Alex and Dave, who are repsonsible for the guitars and the drummer Markus in autumn 2006. Within a short time the bass guitar player Wentzman joined the band. In the beginning they played coversongs, which were attributed to the Thrash Metal area, while they were searching for a vocalist. In the beginning of 2007 Mike joined the band, took the vocals and brought new influences, that the style changed to Melodic Black/Death Metal. One year later Markus had left the band due to health reasons and were replaced by Chrisitan. At the end of 2008 the band recorded the Demo SURREALISTIC EXISTENCE. The demo includes 5 tracks and were self released by 300 copies.
Now the songwriting for the upcoming album were finished and will start in the last quartal of 2010.....

How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music? 
Every member had different roots and influences. But we found us in the style, which we are playing now.

Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums?
If you metal heads are interested in melodic black metal you should take have a look on our myspace homepage. We are sure you want to buy a demo and the upcoming album, haha.

What have you released so far and how were your releases received by the public/media?
We recorded the demo SURREALISTIC EXISTENCE in november 2008.
It can be ordered. Send an email.

Do you play live as well? How's your live activity so far?
We play everwhere. At the moment there weren´t so much gigs, because our focus lies on the recording. If you would like to enjoy us live, please contact us.

What sould labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?
In our opinion our songs are very attractive for people who love this music style. The songs are very catchy.

What plans do you have for the near future as a band?
Writing Songs, playing live and have much fun !!

Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?
Information, music, stuff can be found on our myspace page:

August 2010