Country: Finland
Title: Norden
Label: Immortal Frost Productions
Year: 2021
Style: Black Metal

Even if they seem to be extremely busy with their other band, Dispyt, the two Ondfodt members also found the time to work on and release their third full-length with their main (?) band. After a sensational 2019 album Dödsrikets kallelse, and although sinking to a two-piece outfit, Ondfodt are back with Norden, a 9 tracks effort, their longest material so far, but still keeping it under the 40 minutes mark, so rest assured there's no time for boredom here especially if you're into Finnish Black Metal. Fast paced Black Metal with inserts of melodic and melancholic guitar leads but also some groovier Black'n'Roll passages that give this band its own identity, lead by an abrasive, rough, raspy vocal that's both comprehensive and ghoulish sounding at the same time. The keyboard passages that pop up here and there have no intention nor ability to soften the compositions, yet they add a bit of mystery here and there, something that's usually expected from a Finnish Black Metal band. A very good new album, atmospheric, brutal, catchy, easy-flowing, complex, and the praises can go on, Ondfodt despite their line-up problems prove to be a solid pillar of the current Finnish Black Metal scene.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10