Country: Holland
Title: Circles of Despair
Label: Big Bad Wolf Records / Headbangers Records
Year: 2019
Style: Melodic Thrash Death Metal

Another band that took its time to come up with its debut album, and specifically almost 10 years, as the band was founded back in 2010 and this is their debut studio full-length, 4 years distance since their debut EP, Catatonic. 10 tracks, a bit over 40 minutes, offering the listener a melodic and quite fresh sounding Thrash Death Metal with dual vocals, a Metalcore-like screaming vocalist as main, and a growling one as supporting, popping up here and there, but to be honest complementing the first pretty well. By fresh sounding I don't mean the band uses any influences from modern styles, but rather turned up some old-school patterns into some fresh sounding structures ranging from mid-tempo to fast paced. My fave thing about this album is the lead guitar that in contrast with the energetic, aggressive even riffs and rhythm section makes up for a pleasant and entertaining overall result; heck, even those Metalcore screams sound like they belong inhere, and this comes from a guy that kind of hates this type of vocals... The lead guitar offers some fine, classy melodic touches (leads and solos) to the material, and not just here and there, but on every track, giving a flavorful spin to each and every one of them, and there's where the band force and potential come from. As a conclusion Insurrection's album makes up for a good surprise, a solid, interesting, captivating debut from an already old band well worth discovering!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10