Country: France
Title: Exodus
Label: Independent
Year: 2017
Style: Progressive Death Metal

Seven years after their foundation Stormhaven manage to release their debut album, following only an EP, released 3 years ago, so we're dealing with a not so productive band. This material is made of 3 chapters, but the first one is actually split in three sub-chapters, so all in all we get 6 long tracks totaling almost a full hour of melodic and atmospheric Progressive Death Metal highlighted by the heavy use of keyboards both on supporting background and on upfront passages, heavy vocals combining low-toned growls and vicious shrieks, intricate yet quite repetitive and catchy guitar work, and an intense rhythm section. It's all done with good taste, but there could have been more surprises like the Techno Thrash-like influences on track 3, or the excellent guitar and bass solos, or jazzy piano insertions, or theatrical-like clean vocal choir on track 5, but their existence prove the band is capable of excellent things, these two tracks only are raising the band level with at least a bar and makes the Progressive term in their genre definition to be well deserved. Overall an unsurprising album, but with a few passages and ideas that will melt your brain, so it's a well worth checking out material.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10