Country: Poland
Title: Voracious Demons of Megalomania
Label: The End of Time Records
Year: 2020
Style: Black Metal

After a debut EP I considered below mediocre, here I got Czarna Magia's debut album, 8 tracks into 45 minutes of playing time, all performed and recorded by one guy, Balrog who's also a member of Serpent Seed. There is an improvement on song-writing, that's obvious, also the production is much better, but it is still far from impressive, if you're meeting the band's music for the first time, unless you're a Primitive Black Metal fanatic, I doubt you'll find it on your liking. Primitive Black Metal because that's what it is, a mix of first wave Black Metal with some second wave Norwegian Black Metal, mostly mid-paced, but will some variation, too, lead by visceral comprehensive grim vocals. The drums are live-recorded, and it sounds like it, so kudos for the organic attitude, but they still need more variation, and the same goes for the bass line, which is audible but simplistic to the bone. The lyrics this time are in Polish on some tracks and English on the major part, and again the vocals are the best element of Czarna Magia's music. Again, Balrog has improved since the debut EP, some passages and the increased variety is proof of this, but there's still plenty to do here.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10