Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.
Its a long story but in short we have been around for over 30 years and I (Rob) is the founder writer and composer and sole original member. Started in 1988 in the northern region of Canada called Saguenay and established in Montreal since 1993. A lot happened, but we never stopped and keep going. 

How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music? 
I don't like much band tag style and it's kinda annoying me but most people call us Blackened death metal, for me we just play metal, ok yes pretty dark and fast but at the base, it's metal ya know. I don't listen to much metal these days but at the origin Venom, Bathory and Celtic frost were among my biggest influences.

Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums?
Why not? that is the question, they listen to some bands that are similar and came way after us, so why not us. 

What have you released so far and how were your releases received by the public/media?
With the new album we released a total of 8, 6 are full albums. Back in the day, media didn't get us at all, they were saying we were in-between genre. Now that some other bands do similar music so of the people that don't know we were there at the beginning of all that think we are new and don't get it  LOL!
In general, we have some good reception from the media compare to what it used to be in the 90's I can say.   

Do you play live as well? How's your live activity so far?
We have over 1000 shows under our belt, so I think that says a lot. We will be back on the road really soon actually. 

What should labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?
A lot of webzine and magazines don't research the bands before passing critics on bands or album, and that's is not really smart, to talk about someone a certain way that is not accurate just because its the first time you hear about it that is not the way to go. 

What plans do you have for the near future as a band?
The new album is coming out next October 18th and touring is in planning so keep an eye open. 

Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?
Probably Spotify, I guess, Season of Mist record on youtube, all those modern media stuff and also follow us on Facebook NecronomiconMetal and necronomicon_ca on Instagram. 

August 2019