Country: France
Title: Pamphlet
Label: Epictural Production
Year: 2019
Style: Black Metal

Weird band name, weird album title, and even weirder is featuring in the CD booklet (btw, nice looking digipak with 8 pages booklet) of a scene carved in stone of the Romans fight with the barbarians, while the band's lyrics seems to have nothing to do with history, and even less with the Romans... The meaning is either way deeper than I am capable of understanding or simply non existent, the band knows more. 
This is a duo apparently started in 2015, and what I have here is their debut album, an 8 tracks effort clocking 54 minutes of playing time, with most of the tracks above 5 minutes in length. Unfortunately I couldn't get into it and that's maybe because of the production; the guitars are too high-pitched and way too upfront in the mix, while the vocals are most of this times quite monotone and this creates, besides the tough adventure in trying to figure out all instruments, an abrasive effect, at least on me. The song structures are quite complex and I'd say the band is quite technical, but after a while it tends to get dull and even the rhythms changes and little hooks tend to get ignored, which is a pity, it shouldn't be that hard for the listener to "get" the catchy elements from a song or another, so unless one is determined to find the good stuff (which exists, I agree) in Saturnus Terrorism's music, this will loose many's interest quickly.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10