Moi Olli and Joel. Thanks that you take time for the answering of the questions. First: How are you?
Olli : I'm pretty busy now but i'm fine.
Joel: Fine, I'm working with new tracks at the time.

My first question would be: What is the meaning of the name?
We wanted our name to reflect our unique sounding music. So we choose unique name : Gourva. 

You released last month your first EP. It is a quite short but intense piece of music. Why is it just that short?
Olli : I personally wanted to focus in creating unique sounding tracks and make short but very intensive release.
Joel: I think that our first release cannot be much longer, because then it would be too repetitive and boring.

Sadly we cannot read somewhere a biography. How is the founding history? Do you know each other for a long time now? 
Olli : Joel and I are brothers, so we have known each other quite long time, heh. Gourva has been founded this year so it's pretty new project. Right now I want to concentrate evolving our sound in new levels.
Joel: There is nothing to say after Olli, heh.

What was the intention or motivation to start the band?
Olli : Personally i wanted to create different sounds compared to my other project Invisible Waves. I always have worked alone but now I wanted to work with someone and share my musical inspiration.
Joel: I like to create different and unique kind of Doom Metal. I don't know any other band who sounds like Gourva.

How did you come to that way of music. Was there a special band or moment which pushed you there?
We had a idea of creating very unique sounding ”Doom Metal”. And this is what became Gourva.

In connection to that, what is your main influence or inspiration? You are Finns, so is the nature part of it? And how are you related to the nature around you?
Olli : This can sound little bit a cliche. But I like walking in woods alone very much. For me nature is so peacefull and relaxing place to be. There ideas for music and other art (paintings, etc.) many times come to me. 
If I should choose one artist or band who have influenced me most, I must say Akira Yamaoka. He is composer who has designed sounds / music in Silent Hill videogame series. He can do very terrifying sounds and make player feel very unconfortable. This is something what I would like able to do with sounds and music. 
Joel: I like to make ”natural sounds”, not too mechanical, so i think it's okay to say that nature is part of me and Gourva.

Is there any deeper or special idea behind the band concept or is it just a way to explore new and dark feelings or to live out a side of your personalities?
We want only create our own kind sounds. That's all.

Is your music also a mirror for your normal life or way of living?
Olli : Making music can be very relaxing. And that it is to me. I set free my feelings in way of music.
Joel: In my case making music is like hobby and habit for spending free time.

Lets move to the future. What do we have to expect of Gourva in the next time?
Gourva is now working with new tracks for ”Gourva / Goat Tunnel : Split”. It will be released via Death Worm Records in C-cassette. After this we maybe start working with full length. 

Then just some questions to Olli about his label. It is a quite small one which doesn't even have the wish to become a bigger one. Why is it that limited?
Olli : I don't have right now time or money to keep larger record label. There is only one man behind making all releases in handwork so it takes very much time. Maybe in future Death Worm Records will grow larger. I hope this will happen, but only time will tell.

Then I just have to thank you for the answering and to wish you both all the best with band and label. My regards to Suomi (a wonderful country btw). You have the last words!
Good luck with Pest Webzine. We hope Pest Webzine will get many readers in future.
Check out our new track in free compilation : "DRONING EARTH VOL28"
Gourva says now goodbye.

Interviewed by Robert

October 2009