Congratulations with your new record "Breeding Hate" - this is definitely the best we have heard from Reinfection to date. How have the reactions from the specialized press and fans been so far?
Hello. Thank you for kind words. The reactions so far are similar to yours. We were excited just to create new record. Getting good reviews and people liking our new album is definitely a bonus.

Tell us something about the concept and the meaning of the title from this new album, "Breeding Hate"? How long was the process of putting the album together, as far as writing the music, the concept and arrangements is concerned?
The process took about two years. Some ideas stayed alive for much much longer and were still used on the record. The meaning of the title and lyrics simply describe self destructive and evil human nature. People live breeding hate by being racists, nazis  and hating things that are different and things they don’t understand. Not everybody is open-minded and passes their view throughout their live promoting hate. Pedophilia in church takes up big part in our lyrics as well.

What is most important to you at song writing? How much do you feel bound or free as for ideas you use? What music wouldn't you want to play?
The most important in song writing is to write what you would want to hear. If you like your own songs then it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks about it, really. But if people also like it then that’s a bonus. I play the music I have always wanted to create and play.

What is most important for you at composing new riffs? Do you prefer to play already done riffs, or you are fascinated by composition, so that you create new things?
It depends. On new record we let loose a little and let the riffs and beats take over. That way we created a lot less controlled chaos. Songs sound better than we expected.

Musically, "Breeding Hate" contains a lot of diversity and the album is quite engaging. I like the balance that the band has between intensity and aggression but with an emphasis on technique and structural melody. How difficult is it to find that balance?
Well, it comes with time and experience and not rushing with finishing songs. We kept the ideas  open to the last minute. There were no borders or rules that we enforced on ourselves while creating the album, we didn’t limit ourselves with staying within one genre of music while creating. That way we were able to deliver this little cocktail of brutality called „Breeding Hate”.

How would you say, since the early days, that your goals or your vision for the band have changed? In progressing from just sitting around the rehearsal room back then to sitting here, now, how has what Reinfection means changed for you?
We don't sit in rehearsal room at all. We all live in different parts of the world and create music over the internet. Everybody does their thing at home. Creating that way gives us time to reflect and see what we did and what we could do to improve the songs or riffs. The songs were evolving for months before they reached the final form.

The dizzying level of technicality and sense for adventure in the music is definitely something that sets you apart from the majority of your peers.  Which bands influenced you most, and are there any bands today that can inspire you? Where is your inspiration source for writing music?
Thank you again for kind words. Back in a day that was definitely Brutal Truth, Napalm Death, Suffocation, Cryptopsy etc. Today we all listen to different kinds of music, in my case rarely death metal any more. Sometimes I go back to old records from Napalm Death or Cannibal Corpse, but not often. Inspiration now comes from just anything. I generally know how the our songs should be arranged. I dont listen to anything when creating beats. Just play what would sound good as Reinfection.

Your first release was "The Edge of Her Existence" demo in 1998. What were your impressions when the material was finally out and you have listened a tape home from the player? Was it exactly what you wanted to hear? Are you happy how the material sounds?
You know at that time recording the demo was already a big deal for us. How it sounds, maybe not perfect ,but I wouldn’t change a single thing. I would rather fail being myself than succeed trying to be someone else. The demo showed band’s potential, following recordings showed band’s evolution. I like where this band is headed.

Could you write how the demo has been recorded, under what conditions and what atmosphere reigned during recording? It is a classic underground work in all its aspects, including illustration artwork and b/w versions. Have you got good responses to "The Edge of Her Existence"?
Yes, that’s where it all started. We all recorded the instruments together, then Rudi recorded the vocals. It was November in Poland, it was cold, but we felt warm and excited. It was really happening.

About a year and half later you have released new material,debut full-length "They Die for Nothing” . How would you compare it with the previous demo? Seems that you didn't astray and your Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore knows no mercy!I have to admit that "They Die for Nothing" CD is already cult..
Thank you again for more kind words. The album was our continuation from what we started on the demo. Came out pretty good. It shaked the death grind market a little. Now re-released on Deformeathing Productions. We are very happy with that album.

You gained quite a lot of attention in the underground with your classic debut "They Die for Nothing”... What kind of memories do you have on its origin? How many copies (approx.) got spread around of it?
Yes it got us a little attention from promoters in different parts of the world. We played quite a bit of shows, succesful ones. It was a great experience promotning that album. I think a little over 5,000 copies was sold before it got re-released, but who knows.

What were the reasons for shutting down the band after the release of  "They Die for Nothing" in 2002? Why have you broken up and who came up with idea to renew it?
We really never broke up. Just put little breaks on the band. You know everyone had to form their lives a little and we wanted to treat the band as a hobby and not as the job. I moved to Los Angeles, Rudi lives in Warszawa, Poland and Misiek lives in Rzeszow, Poland. That made things a little bit harder to keep the band going on the intense and busy level as we could if we lived next door to each other, you know. In 2005 we came back with „Secondary Damage” EP on From Beyond/Displesed Records from Holland and our Compilation „Peace Through Killing” on Goregiastic Records from New York, USA. We even played some shows in France, Germany and Slovakia. So we never really broke up, just took it a little slow.

Do you think that because of the rather tough times you went through as a band when you were still under contract with Ablated Records, this also made you stronger as a band?
We didn’t really have any written contract with Ablated Records. They just released the record and printed the shirts. So we were able to do whatever we wished with future recordings.

How would you compare overall metal scene in the period when you started and today scene? I mean even the trendy mainstream Metal which has nothing common with the original idea of Metal...
I dont really listen do death metal anymore. Maybe some old records sometimes but not too often. I am sure that a lot of bands made the way to make the living of playing in the band, others did not. I am sure when we go back on the road I will be able to answer this question a lot better.

How did you hook up with Deformeathing Production, where there any other labels interested and what made you sign with them in the end? Have you noticed any differences between the labels so far? Are you happy the way Deformeathing Production handled the record, regarding promotion, distribution and marketing?
We recorded „Breeding Hate” and didn’t really look for a label. Misiek knew Wojtek from Deformeathing Production and that’s how they re-released „They Die For Nothing” and then followed with „Breeding Hate”. They are doing great job so far, so thumbs up for sure.

Ok,let's go back to the new album. Give us some insight into the "Breeding Hate" lyrically. This is a super pissed off sounding record?Your lyrics are infused with heavy detail and raw emotion. What is it that normally gives you inspiration when writing lyrics and is there a theme or themes behind the writing of this record?
Lyrics to that record were written over some time. We wrote about anything that seemed wrong to us in the world, Just humans in general. You know bunch of nazi skinheads running around, priests raping children, people being indifferent to others suffering etc.

One thing that definitely stands out on the new album is the front artwork. Who is the person who created this amazing piece of art. What exactly does the cover represent and in what way is it tied to the album?
Anybody can have their own interpretation. The cover shows crying, scared boy with a priest standing behind him, holding his shoulders. It’s a strong statement that touches pedophilia currently happening in the false institution so called catholic church. We all worked on all aspects of the record together so we all should get credit for it, but the cover is a product of Rudi.

Staying with the new album, what was your intention when you began writing "Breeding Hate" - did you have a preconceived idea of what you wanted the record to sound like and what you wanted it to achieve, or did that come about naturally? 
We all knew how our parts of participation were suppose to sound like. I knew from day one how I wanted the drums to sound, Misiek the same and Rudi, well that’s obvious. Everybody gave final setting for the mix and it was done. We just didn’t expect for it to sound so damn good.

Do you have any live activities scheduled for the coming months in support of this incredible new album?
Thank you again for kind words. We are planning shows for next year. Perhaps April 2019. Time will show.

As far as touring is concerned is Poland able to offer up a lot of local gigs, or are you more dependent from costly undertakings such as touring mainland Europe or the UK?
We will play anywhere they want us to when time comes. Yes Poland should be good to go in that aspect. I am really looking forward to play live again. Should be fun.

What are your feelings when standing on the stage? Where is the best place to play and where you have biggest fan base? Have you already play live gig with total lack of interest of the fans?
You know, we haven't played live in quite some time. I think we haven’t been on stage in 13 years time. At this point its hard to say. Last show we played back then was Soul Grinding Festival in France, and that was an amazing show. Looking forward to visit Strasbourg again if possible.

To conclude, what can we expect from Reinfection in the next twelve to eighteen months?
I think concerts, new merchandise, maybe new 7”EP? Time will show. We will definitely let you know.

Thanks for the interview! Good luck with all your future endeavors. Feel free to add anything you want to close this interview.
Thank you so much for having Reinfection in your magazine. Thank you for your support. If you are looking for a twisted grind core that will spin your head look no further – two words for you: „Breeding Hate”. Thanks again. - Mlody

Interview by Marcin "Mariano" Wawok

November 2018