Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.
At first, short history of Satarial.
The story of a group Satariаl starts with a group of A.M.S.G. in 1989. When 3 fans of groups Bathory, Hellhammer and Venom decided to make music in the same direction.
The first composition: Seth - vocals, guitar, lyrics, music; Usurper - bass; Leprosy - drums.
Concerts AMSG took place in absolutely underground atmosphere: abandoned churches, warehouses, basements etc Musical performances were accompanied by satanic rituals and bloody sacrifices of sacrificial animals. The group members were radical for all people, not perceiving Satanism and black metal. And they on music and life earned by robbery,because it was very difficult to get a job with such an appearance.  After the desecration of a Church in the village of Тayninskoe all members of the group were arrested. The court USSR recognized the activity of a group of anti-Soviet and fascist. The name of the group and its music were prohibited. Seth was sent to the psychiatric clinic. And the rest of the group - members into the army.
The group recorded a demo in 1989. And after 1990 and 1992 the group was not active.
In 1992 Seth decided to resume musical activities. And started to assemble a new team of musicians. But in 1992, in the centre of the city of Mytishchi he cuts the throat to the christian, which fell upon him. Then comes the lengthy proceedings and,( he was acquitted because the court acknowledged it as self-defence). in 1993, Seth gets exonerating conclusion. And then Seth decides to change name of the group on Satarial. And make the sound of black metal medieval influence, as in childhood, in music school, he worked on a class of medieval guitar.
And in 1993, the group comes on keyboards Angel Bust. She brings in the sound and philosophy groups witchcraft, nature harmony and balance. By 1995, a new programme and composition of the group was formed. And by this time at the concert for the first time were used rituals with female Nude body and jousting tournaments.
In 1995 the first in Russia the festival devoted to the unholy music Black Mass, The christian terrorists shoots in members of band Satarial.. After that, the composition of the group changes and comes a new drummer Demogorgon. In 1996 the group released the album "And the flame will take the temples of christ", that by the name immediately falls in the category of restricted in Russia.
In 1998 album "the Queen of the Elves Land". The presentation of this album at the stadium Wings of the Soviets was cancelled by the government of Russia due to the use in advertising of satanic symbols, insulting the feelings of believers.
In 1999 the band Satarial was accused of involvement in a terrorist organization. arson of churches and desecration of cemeteries. In 2000 the members of the group Satarial were acquitted. But the concerts of the group until 2001 were banned. In 2001 Satarial released the album Heidenlarm. This album was poorly received by the Russian audience, which at that time were not ready for the strong influence of folklore in the metal music.
In 2002 to release of the demo that was recorded during the prohibition in 2000 under the name " Larm". Also this year, Satarial has been banned on the Russian TV channel MTV video clip of " Beloved of the Night".
The 2005 Satarial makes a small slope to the industrial music and text groups become less aggressive. In 2005 Satarial released the album "Tanz mit...Tod". Satarial ceases to be a banned group and begins to actively touring. In 2006 Angel Bust as an accused of committing ritual murder.( It was false,unfounded charges by the government of the prosecution . ) A Russian court relieves the charges for lack of evidence.
After this Satarial parted with the drummer and bassist. And Seth will be releasing a solo experimental album under the name " Latexxx". In 2008 Satarial went to Turkey with long tour until 2010, because Satarial in the this country not have been banned. In 2011 Seth again forms the team and Angelika to the keyboard adds drums. Satarial returned to the old sound and entirely to the subject of sorcery and mysticism. And starts to give concerts in Russia only in the dates the magical days festival.
The entire history of the group Satarial is a struggle for freedom of thought, expression and for religious freedom.
Satarial`s members in 2013:
Lord Seth – vocal, guitar, music, lyric
Angelika – drums, vocal, synthesizers
Egor – bass
Lolita – horn, visual art  

How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music? 
Sorcery traditions of the North brought in music Satarial ethnic Influences. The music harmony is based on the ritual combinations of the planets and notes, and melody as the language of the Universe and Nature. All of this in harmony with Nature in the glory of the Triune the Goddess and the Horned Own! Therefore, I think you see why spells black metal with folk influences.

Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums?
We are not going to force people to buy our albums. Every man is free in his choice. We no longer think about the limitations of styles and directions. In music we are talking about their emotions and thoughts. The word destroys true. Word cannot convey the meaning and only the music speaks the language of nature. The real song is a scream of the soul, not just unnecessary words. We learn this from nature and from ancient civilizations that have not lost touch with the true.
Bad that digital cd format is not transmits the power of witchcraft in music. In our new program we use only analog sounds, analog synthesizers. Melody of this sound penetrate into the deep subconscious. We set up the structure of our guitars in drob G. This is a sound of the Sun, the sound of the explosion, which started our universe. We use a 7-strings guitar, because such guitars are a real magical instruments. Seven planets magic, the seven gates etc. 
Bad that digital sound from a CD loses mystical vibrations. It can be felt only at the concerts, live sound. When wave from the stage return back. It's a harmony, it is like a snake that bites its own tail. This is a real ritual, is the initiation and invocation, which pulls out from the illusion to the depths of the primordial chaos.
We are inspired by only the world around us, not touched by people. We deny the illusion created by the Demiurge, and we live by the fact that lie between light and darkness.

What have you released so far and how were your releases received by the public/media? 
1996- And the flame will take the temples of christ (S.I.rec. Russia)
1997- And the flame will take the temples of christ (Hobgoblin rec. Russia)
1998- Queen of the Elves land (Hobgoblin rec. Russia)
1999- Queen of the Elves land ( Italy)(Century Media Records)
2000- Heidenlarm ( Italy)(Century Media Records)
2001- Heidenlarm (Irond rec. Russia)
2001- Larm (Hobgoblin rec. Russia)
2005- Tanz mit...Tod (Cyberrock rec.)(Century Media Records)
2006- Latexxx (Yaros film Russia)
2008- Tanz mit...Tod( SLEASZY RIDERS prod)
2008- Latexxx( SLEASZY RIDERS prod )
1996- Satarial
1998- Valpurgieva nosch
1999- Queen of the Elves land
2006- Gothic Rush

Do you play live as well? How's your live activity so far?
We use anticlerical visual line. All religions is impotent. Using sexual energy can be achieved great goals, because this is the energy of Fire , energy of Chaos. Our show is not only ancient magic ritual, it is also a sieve, separates the real people from zombies of God.
The works of the group Satarial closely associated with witchcraft. At concerts we show magical mystery and rituals. This is not just a show, it's a real magic work. We use the naked female body, which represents the nature and the Mother-goddess. Lunar magic dance mixed with blasphemy and Great witchcraft. We give everyone a drink from the chalice of magical wine and to offer join us. Also in the show we use magic incense, aimed at the objective of this ritual. We serve equilibrium and the protogenic Nature and seek revenge upon their enemies. We invite all to take part in our witchcraft at concerts Satarial. If we will not do this, then the equilibrium will be broken completely and demiurge  shall devour the souls of those who pray to God. And someday we close our time and distance, are able to go beyond the mind and creation. And see the light of the primal darkness.

What should labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?
We are now completing the recording of the new album called " Lunar cross” and play the new concert program in the style of folk-extreme metal.
We are currently looking for  the organizers for our concerts or booking agency.
We want to announce that we have begun planning our tour dedicated to 25th anniversary of the group.

What plans do you have for the near future as a band?
In 2014, we are planning a big tour, devoted to the 25th anniversary of the group to release a new CD and a new video clip.

Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?
Our music, you can listen online and at our concerts or buy our CD's on labels and distributors. 

January 2014