I just got the new release from Dodsfall and it is quite a crushing release of black metal and here is an interview with guitar player of the band IS.
How did the 2 of you find each other and were either of you 2 in any other bands prior to the forming of Dodsfall?
We met each other through a common friend we had back in 2012. Yes, we were on other bands projects that are split-up by now.
How did you come up with the name and were any other names thrown around so to speak?
I came up with the name couple of months after writing the first demo. Is hard to find a name nowadays in English so I look for a name in Swedish/Norwegian, There was no other names before.
Now how long were the 2 of you around before you released your "Svarte Vinger" demo in 2010? Looking back what are your thoughts on this demo these days?
I have been playing in other bands/projects since 1997. I know what I wanted to do perfectly when I formed the band so the demo was just the beginning and I am proud of it.
Now in 2011 your 1st full length came out called "Den svarte skogen". Which label put that out and what are your thoughts on this release these days? How did the recording go for this release?
It was released by Obscure Abhorrence Productions from Germany. The band was just a studio project in the beginning so everybody recorded their parts on their homes, not big deal.
At what point do you think you found the Dodsfall sound and do you feel your an original sounding band?
The band was formed like a tribute to the Black Metal bands that put me into this music so after the 2rd album I thought it was time to make something with more original sound. So, the ”original” sound started with the album “Djevelens Evangelie”.
In 2012 you just kept rolling right along and your 2nd full length came out called "Inn i mørkets kongedømme". Who released this and was it pretty easy for you writing and recording songs?
2nd album had the same process like “Den Svarte Skogen” still studio project. I guess is never easy to write a song when you want to make a good song and that is what I always looking for, to make good songs for my taste.
How does the writing of a song come together? How about lyrics is that a joint effort between the both of you?
To me it’s more like I have to be in the mood for writing music, I record the ideas I have in my mind and then more ideas come and so on. Normally the singer is in charge of the lyrics so I try to not mess much with it to give a bit of a freedom for that but for the future albums I will be more involved on that area.
Now in 2013 you released 2 things. The 1st was an Ep called "Kronet i svart eld". Tell me a bit about this release.
This EP was recorded when we recorded the 2nd album, so it is from the same recording sessions. We have a guest on this EP, Devo from Marduk plays bass on the first track “I Skuggans Famn”. We had a lot of material so that is why this EP came out but in fact is I am not fan of this kind EP’s thing.
Do you guys feel comfortable going into the studio and have you used the same studio twice or do you always try and go into different studios?
Yes I like to do albums in real studios, it is a good experience and very different compared to do it at a home studio. I like to work with different producers yes, they out cool ideas to the table. Anybody can record your music but is hard to find the people that can do a good Black Metal mix for a good price so I guess I will keep working in different studios for the future releases.
Have you guys ever played live and if you have how did that go and if you have not, will you ever?
We have played live 2 times only and since we are not really a famous band I guess those shows went ok. Small crowds.
Do you feel there is way too many flooding the underground cause many of them pretty much sucks in my eyes?
I do not know really, I do not pay much attention to the underground lately. The ones that sucks it is probably because they just want to pretend they have a “band” but to be able to have a band that does not suck you have to dedicate years to the music, it is a long way and definitely not easy and especially nowadays with thousands of bands out there.
How did you end up hooking up with Osmose Productions and how has it been working with them so far?
After the 3rd album came out I thought it was time to move on and to look for a better label so I got in contact with Osmose, we talked a bit and we got signed.
Later on in 2013, you released another full length called "Djevelens evangelie". How did you come up with the title to this release and how did the recording go for this release?
The title came out from a song with the same name. We went to Endarker Studio and the recording sessions went very good, Devo is a very cool guy and it’s very easy to work with him, he understands very fast when you need something in the mix and sometimes he gave me some ideas on some songs while we were recording,
Now what are some stuff you 2 like to do when you are not doing band related things?
We have a private life like every else so nothing special. 
Have you ever been asked over the years to join other bands?
Yes of course. Recently I worked with a friend and helped him to record his solo project album; it’s called “Kvalvaag”.
Now just recently you released "Kaosmakt" on Osmose Productions. I have heard the release and it is quite a kick ass release. Are you pretty happy with the results overall of this release?
Thanks! I am satisfied yes, 95 % percent, I would change a few things on the Mix but in general is great, It was a huge experience to work with the legendary Tomas Skogsberg and to meet him, an honor to me.
Do either one of you have to be in a certain type of mood when your getting ready to record a new record?
Not really, just concentrated on what we are doing, I love to do music,
Are all your releases still for sale, minus the demo of course?
Yes they are, at the Osmose Productions online shop.
If you had to do a cover tune, which song would it be and why?
It would be “Nightmare” of Sarcofago or “Equimanthorn” of Bathory. Because I like those songs. 
What are some great shows that you have seen over the years?
The first time I saw Mayhem back in ’98 and perhaps Tiamat in ’94.
How long do you see the 2 of you sticking around and would you consider adding another band member some day?
The band has had a few members coming and going, we have not been a duo all the time, on our 2nd album and EP the line-up was 3 members. Maybe we will be 5 guys in the future, you never know.  
Please plug any websites you have.
Web: www.facebook.com/dodsfall , www.dodsfall.tk 
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dodsfallbm
Any last words to wrap this interview up?
Thanks for the support and interest in DØDSFALL, Skål för fan!

Interview by Chris Forbes
Answers by IS (guitars)

January 2015






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