Band: E-AN-NA
Country: Romania
Title: Nesfârşite
Label: Soundage Production
Year: 2019
Style: Progressive Folk Metal / Metalcore  

The new album of Romanian folk metal core artists brings a well thought-out mix of thunder and folk melody. Over an hour portion of music are refined guitar solos, amazing dose of sounds straight from the traditional note of the Romanian Carpathians a powerful Panthera’s riff kick from the times, when Phil Anselmo singing “Walk”. And  a “music spin” in the style of Primus from the time when they “surfed on the seas of cheese”, heh… In addition, brisk youngsters from E-An-Na bar ruthless metal playing lined with solos on shepherd's pipes and “interwoven with” atmospheric post-metal. From time to time on this great album the speeding machine suddenly slows down, in a few seconds to move forward with full power and suddenly from metalcore to a folk-doom with growling vocals changing into a black metal scream! And suddenly the whole thing turns into a psychedelic ethnojazz broken with neofolk and darkwave, which then develops into progressive rock to return to folk metal tracks with an admixture of ... grunge, folk singing and melorecitation, deeply reminiscent of Negura Bunget's achievements. Torned core riffs with vocals à la Pro-Pain, broken by the raw sound of fujas, give a nice kick and work very well together. And in a next moment we have musical references to the atmosphere of the Diablo Swing Orchestras, which E-an-na interprets, combining jazz, chanson in the style of Maria Tanase (known romanian folk and tango’s singer) and psychedelic rock combined with hardcore and... latin guitar! Over time, the accordion, brass bowls and a whole range of folk instruments come to the fore, and the whole moves to a shepherd's hut somewhere in Bucegi high mountain… to suddenly leave the progmetal "flow" with a punk guitar and oldschool black à la Darkthrone. That’s crazy and beautiful! The album also included a more classic folk metal with all the benefits of the Romanian scene and moody folk-ballad playing. "Nesfârşite" is a milestone in the work of E-an-na. The band had a great idea, so that over-hour material was not tedious or lengthy. Changes in pace, climate or surprising transitions from style to style are impressive. In addition, the team refined the sound and techniques of the game. And the neo-medieval-medieval end of the last song is just the icing on this musical cake!
Reviewed by Vilcin
Rating: 10/10