First of all, let me congratulate you for this new album, an amazing doom – death metal, could you please tell us the story of the band?
Thanks so much Ionutz, we are glad you like it! Well, Et Moriemur was founded in 2008 in Prague, Czechia and the line-up underwent many changes as part of a natural evolution that is typical for every band I guess. So far we´ve recorded 1 EP and 4 full- length albums, Tamashii included. Since our third album, Epigrammata, we are happily part of the Transcending Obscurity records roster. 

Before we dig into this new disc, what can you tell us about the previous albums, how was it received by the media and the fans?
From my point of observation Epigrammata received mainly positive reviews from media and fans alike. That album represented a change for us as we used many Gregorian chants on it plus lyrics in Ancient Greek and Latin. On the other side we strive to have every our album different from the previous one. I don´t like being stuck in a box, even if it were a successful one. 

Would you please tell us the story about every album?
So the Lacrimae Rerum EP was our first record ever. We mixed many influences on that one, except that maybe there were not ideally blended together, but I still like it! Our first full-length was Cupio Dissolvi and it was a collection of suicide stories. It was not recorded with the best of quality - at that time the band was undergoing many personal changes - notwithstanding this I think it contains many strong songs. Our second album, Ex Nihilo In Nihilum, was our first recorded at Hellsound studio and that was the time the band started to sound like it should, haha. Thematically it was, needless to say, more on the nihilistic side. I already told you about our third album, Epigrammata - its main theme was to how to deal, if possible, with death of our dear ones. I would define it a ray of light in the darkness of loss. And the last one - Tamashii no Yama - is due to be released in April. 

How can you described this new album?
The record is inspired by the crash of the Japan Air Lines Flight 123 in August 1985 and the stories of the people aboard. The lyrics are partly Japanese taken from traditional haiku poems. There are many Eastern influences on it plus we used the Japanese traditional shakuhachi bamboo flute as well.

Would you be so kind to explain what every song is all about?
I wouldn´t dig into individual songs if you don´t mind as it´s a concept album meant to be listened to from the beginning to the end. The songs are just parts of the whole and could not exist without the rest - as anything in this universe, haha.  

The productions is also very good, how was the time spent in the studio?
Tamashii, as every our album since Ex Nihilo, was recorded at Hellsound studio at the foot of the The Bohemian Forest. We love recording our music there as the owner, Honza Kapák, is a great sound engineer and an excellent musician as well who actively co-creates the final result. The atmosphere there is relaxed and we have everything we need to focus on our music. 

What hobbies do you have except music?
I am into Zen Buddhism so I meditate, read about its philosophy etc. But I like reading in general. Sometimes I watch movies - I love horror films. All in all I prefer spending time with my family (my girlfriend and our two cats) than going outside, I am not much into social life.

The cover illustration is interesting, of whom ideas were and the meaning?
The cover depicts Raijin, the Japanese god of thunder and storms. Together with Fujin, god of the wind, they symbolize the tragedy of the flight JAL123. My girlfriend draw the cover and personally I love it, but that goes without saying, haha.

How will you promote this album?
We are making many interviews right now and getting very positive reviews which is great of course. We will play some gigs to promote the album, hopefully around Europe as well. Some years ago we made a small tour in Romania as well, it would be great if we could return to your beautiful country! For the rest we confide in the help of our label which has always done a great work in this regard! 

In the end, you have the final word for all our readers…
Thank you and your readers for their time! Try to stay open to the sounds of the world, without judging if possible. And don´t be too harsh on yourself. 

Interview by Ionutz Dimitriev / Answers by Zdeněk Janeček (Viola)

December 2021