Country: Switzerland
Title: Discipline
Label: Great Dane Records
Year: 2018
Style: Death Metal

Wow, during the first track of this CD I had to press Pause to make sure nothing else is playing in the background; it felt like there are 2 players active at the same time, something like when you play a music CD and the TV at the same time and the sounds somehow blend into something interesting; well, in this case I wouldn't say it was interesting, rather chaotic, and unfortunately it was only Calcined's CD playing, nothing else. So from the start I can admit I'm not a fan of the mix on this album, far from it. The second album from these Swiss maniacs features 9 tracks and plays for almost 40 minutes, a mix between Technical and Brutal Death Metal, the old-school way. The vocals are out of this world, I tell you, it's like a heavily schizophrenic madman screaming and growling non stop from start to finish. The rhythm section is where the real discipline is, the bass is upfront and commanding, oppressive and fat ass to get your respect, and the drums are totally insane, very old-school playing but definitely pushing the brutality of this release to the max! On the guitar front there's serious diversity and complexity, a whirlwind of catchy riffs and intricate leads that leave no room for melody, only technical hell and punishment. After all the band's compositions and execution made me rethink my first impression on their production, it's either that or the album just starts off in a bad note, but the overall impression on this album is excellent, try it out yourselves if you're into mad, brutal, technical old-school Death Metal.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10