Country: Spain
Title: Remembering the Past - Writing the Future
Label: Xtreem Music
Year: 2021
Style: Doom Death Metal

Legendary Spanish Doom Death band Golgotha continue their come-back after the 2018 EP Arise and the album from 2019, Erasing the Past. The title of this new EP is weird if you compare it to the 2019 album, how could one remember something after he apparently erased it? And the weird things continue with the band releasing a new album just 3 months after this EP I have here, but by themselves, and I guess only in digital format, with the weirdest and unappealing name ever: Locked Down but Alive in 2021. To me it seems like they have plenty of ideas still but they have lost their horizon and hopes somehow, so they are just releasing stuff out of inertia. I don't know, I hope I'm wrong because if there's a certain thing here is Golgotha really master the art of Melodic Doom mixed with Death Metal influences, and Don't Waste Your Life, the only new track featured here (the rest are re-recordings of old tracks, 4 of them to be precise) is the proof. This EP also features 3 tracks that are not mentioned in the tracklist because they are instrumental / orchestral versions played on keys/synths only, don't know what was the purpose of featuring them, but these 8 tracks alltogether are clocking 50 minutes of playing time, so an album worth of music time. Back to the "normal" tracks, Golgotha's strengths are mainly the melodic, catchy guitar leads and solos, and the versatile vocal section that goes from clean to comprehensive kind of growls, to screams, and even some guest female vocals that sound excellent in the overall composition. Fans of '90's Doom Death Metal should definitely give this one a spin or two, it has that '90's flavour but served with an up to date production that makes it sound fresh. 

Review by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10