Underground DEMOlition Vol.2

If everyone is supporting either bands that potentially will make them money, or mainstream bands, or old demos, we decided to support upcoming bands, recent demos that need your attention and bands that need your support. Enjoy!

All tracks are taken from the bands Bandcamp pages by downloading their material (most of it, if not all, is available for free download from them directly), we mean no copyright infringlement, this video is not and will never be monetized!

All demos released between 25 January - 31 January 2021! Support the bands!

01. Bloodstalker (Death Metal, USA) - Finger Cutting Family Party 
- taken from Here Comes the Bloodstalker -

02. Devil's Night (Raw Black Metal, USA) - The Deck of Many Things Hold no Fortune
- taken from Demo 2K21 -

03. Lunatii (Depressive Post Black Metal, Russia) - Devastating Dawn (Demo)
- taken from MMXXI -

04. Miserere (Black Metal, Germany) - Totenlauten
- taken from Dim Carcosian Night -

05. OLC (Dungeon Synth Raw Black Metal, USA) - Cacophony Of The Vampyrs Tomb
- taken from Demo I -

06. Ritual Laceration (Black Death Metal, USA) - Aether Wounds
- taken from Putrid Womb -

07. Soulless (Atmospheric Black Metal, Indonesia) - I still remember
- taken from Hope -

08. Wassail (Black Metal, UK) - Y'dek Huzah Akve Sathe
- taken from Demo II -

Our personal Top 3:

1. Lunatii 
2. OLC 
3. Bloodstalker 

What's yours?