Country: Poland
Title: Dziewięć Kręgów Zła
Label: Putrit Cult
Year: 2020
Style: Heavy Thrash Metal

Destroyers is a legendary, Polish heavy thrash band from 80s of  XX Century. They split up in 1994 and now Destroyers are back with new stuff and new crew but oldschool sounds. „Dziewięć Kręgów Zła” (Nine Circles of Evil) is a just third album of this band, but the second LP was released in 1991… Destroyers back in 2018, after long hibernation and wake up in new times and some differend Poland (and World) then was in 30 years ago. So new album is a a kind of time capsule. The CD’s cover, which today is the "peak of kitsch" bordering on soft-porn with elements of cheap horror (as well as some of the lyrics), in the case of another band it would be a classic “epic fail” - but here it is an element of metal folklore and the essence of the existence of the Destroyers! Just like the music - this is started with "Zemsta Roninów" (Ronin’s Revenge”) with lyrics based on old japanese culture other than “Ronin” from Hollywood’s movies... From the first sounds this stuff is a kickin’ ass jump into the early 1980s and the times of "Noc Królowej Żądzy" (debut Destroyers’ album)  intertwined with young Metallica still with Dave Mustaine and Mc Govney in the line-up... And this album ends the ten-minute-long, title’s "Dziewięć Kręgów Zła”, on the way rubbing with the "Krwawa Hrabina" (“Bloody Courtness”, track based on historical facts) and the unofficial 13th book of "Pan Tadeusz" (Polish national epos written by Adam Mickiewicz) in a completely lecherous version… The leader of Destroyers, Marek Łoza, made the right decision that if he already jumps into the clothes he wore as a teenager, the new material must be closer to the real olschool sounds than, for example, the progressive seriousness of Dream Theater. And that's how it happened and this is very good!. The sounds, chants and lyrics are the "crazy/happy 80s" but the sound as such is 2020. By the way, I have the impression that the Destroyers, recording "Nine Circles of Evil", had a lot of fun with it themselves, heh…
Reviewed by Vilcin
Rating: 8/10