Country: Brazil
Title: Smog
Label: Defense Records / Mythrone Promotion
Year: 2019
Style: Doom Death Crust

This is a compilation of everything the Brazilian Extinction Remains released prior to it: Ecologic Noise demo from 2013, Genetics of Defeat from 2016 and Human Disaster Never Ending from 2017, all released by the band themselves, I guess in digital format only. So the release of this compilation in physical format also (CD with 8 pages booklet featuring all lyrics) on two different labels, is a perfect idea for the band to reach some more ears and actually receive focus for more than a click. 
The music on this compilation is very varied and taken as a whole it presents a band that has no definite target, a band that accepts and blends all influences it gets, so you get elements from Doom Metal, old-school Death Metal, Crust, and even Funeral Doom, Sludge or Grind, everything they could think of they blended together but unfortunately not resulting into something very homogenous. There are some good ideas here and there and the band definitely knows how to produce heavy, oppressive, massive and dark music, but they haven't find a genre define them yet and at times the music becomes dull and uninterestingly simple, so for me this is a 50-50 album, there are some parts I have enthusiastically embraced and some I will skip every time I'll spin this again, and it's not like I hate a track and loved another, I found bits and pieces to love/hate on basically each tracks, that's how weird this is. Anyway, a band with potential to keep an eye on, hopefully their next release will be a full-length that will show the true and current face of their music.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10