Country: Denmark
Title: Subcosmos
Label: Czar of Crickets Productions
Year: 2019
Style: Post Metal

To unsuspecting listeners such as myself, Late Night Venture might seem a new band, but they were actually founded in the first decade of this millennium (pretentious, isn't it?) and this one is their third full-length album, initially self-released like their previous albums, then picked up and re-released by Czar of Crickets on digipak CD and vinyl formats. In almost 50 minutes of playing time the band delivers 7 long tracks that combine Post Metal with Sludge and Psychedelic Doom, quite varied and diverse one from the other, swinging between dreamy/hypnotic atmospheres, heavy, even oppressive passages and some that are quite serene and upbeat. After the audition I can say the band has some interesting ideas and what they did on this album is an easy-flowing journey through the above-mentioned genres but I couldn't really say where they are heading, and I mean I cannot identify something I could pinpoint the band on to know it's them. Some of the passages are too repetitive and I often found myself losing focus, while some others, especially the guest instruments and "outside" vocals, are the real glue of this album. What also needs to be mentioned is how well the cover art goes hand in had with the music on the album, it perfectly portrays the atmosphere: spacey, dark, urban, solitary and cozy. Pretty cool album open to fans of multiple Metal genres and not targeted for a specific audience, give it a spin. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10