Country: Italy
Title: Obsequies
Label: Independent
Year: 2020
Style: Funeral Doom Metal

Is there such a thing called old-school Funeral Doom? If so, I guess this falls right in that category, and by that I mean this debut album by Italian duo Eurynome sounds so organic and so rich in its simplicity (I wanted to avoid naming it simple because the music is far from being simple) as during the audition you feel right at the beginnings of this genre, it definitely reminds me of some albums from the '90's with this kind of production. The band only uses bass, piano, percussion and vocals, so no guitars at all, but you hardly feel any need for a guitar within their music, it is a cleverly built musical structure that successfully manages to transport the listener (if he/she is willing and ready to, obviously) straight to a walk on a cemetery alley, and through that I wanted to say the atmosphere it builds is not a terrifying one, not a horror-like soundscape, but rather a calm, melancholic, meditative and terribly bleak one, and from this point of view I think the band perfectly reached their goal. Up until the fifth track, the rhythms are different kinds of slow, but on that track there's a passage that picks up in rhythm and reminds me of the old Doom Death scene from mid '90's. The vocals range from dark clean vocals to deep, mournful growls, to teenage-girl high-pitched sounding female vocals, the later being the only thing that I would change a bit in their music, in my mind it makes the band sound at the beginning of its journey (which in fact it's exactly the truth). Anyway, the rest of the music, the killer presentation (check their Bandcamp for details) and the DIY attitude makes me think we're dealing here with a band that put all its soul and efforts into their music, and seriously deserves all support! I'll keep an eye on this band and so should you.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10