Diabolical Messiah is a great old school death metal band and here is an interview I sent the band via email and my questions were answered by Caesar (bass/vocals)
Tell me how the band formed and how many line-ups did you have to go through till you got to your current line-up?
Hail and thanks for the chance and the support!! The band was formed in 1999. We had a drummer before Pilatvs joined the band. If there were other members in D.M. before 2001 it is not worth talking about it.
How soon was it before you started to write original songs? Did you get to practice much at all?
We played in different bands before Diabolical Messiah. The old members did too. We started writing original songs from the beginning. We also played some track of our favorite bands in early days.
Now for those who don’t where is the band based out of and what is the scene like there and do you get to play live much and have you had a chance to play outside your country?
We have played a lot in our country; we are from Rancagua - Chile. We also played in U.S.A. last May (Diabolical Messiah, Sacrocurse, Pseudogod and Wrathprayer) Now we are touring in different cities in Chile.
Now in 2003 you released a demo called “Diabolical Attack”. What was it like going into the studio as a band for the 1st time and looking back what are your thoughts on this demo these days?
It was a great experience! We did our best at that time. It’s been 11 years and Diabolical Messiah is still there. I’m still thinking the same way when all started and we do our job professionally.
Also in 2003 you did a split with another band I’ll assume called “War and Death Vol 1”. Was this a cd release or a 7”? Who was the other band and what are your thoughts on this release these days?
That was a 4 split CD including Bleeding Display, Cranial Incisored, Unfleshed and Diabolical Messiah. It was a demo reissue by War Productions (Portugal) and the first put of Chile.
In 2004 another split came out called “The Beginning of the Dark Age”. Tell me all about this and looking back what are your thoughts on this these days?
It was our first release in a pro format. It was released by Daemonolatreia Records (they also released our demo "Diabolical Attack") It included 2 demo tracks (…) and 2 tracks the band recorded in early days previously unreleased.
In 2006 you appeared on a comp release called “Decapitated Nazarne”. Tell me about this comp and you ended up on it?
It was a tape format compilation including all the material we had recorded at that time. It was released by Necroewhoregasmic Records, which manager was living in Germany at that time. I can’t tell you more details as we never received any copy. (that label should be ashamed of themselves-chris)
In 2009 you released another split called “Rituals of Darkness and Satanic Worsphip”. Why so long in between releases and tell me about this split.
There was a small delay with this split but it includes studio tracks already released and some live tracks. The time between is because the minor interest of record companies at that time but nowadays things have changed and we have a lot of offers.
Now you also appeared on 2 other comps, “Tribute to a Bloody Cross” and Tu Future”, tell me about both of these.
Yes. The fist one is a tribute to Bloody Cross. We recorded the track called “The Return of Quintrala” (“The Curse of Trauko …. From Evilwood”, 1996 demo). It was a tribute to Disciple of Nema (B.C. vocals) who died in 2001. We are thinking about including the track in our second album but a 2014 version. “Tu Futuro” compilation was a promo including the bands under Proselitysm Records at that time. We recorded the track “Celestial Ceremony” for that compilation.
Now is any of this stuff still for sale or is it out of print? Would you ever consider putting all your comp and splits stuff onto a CD one day?
We don't see the need for that for the moment. But is an option for the future.
How did you come up with the band name and logo? Were any other names thrown around at the time? Does the band name mean anything at all?
I had in mind the name Diabolical Messiah before starting the band. It has no special meaning but opposition to Christianity. I wanted an easy-to-understand name. The logo was a creation of Jorge Fernandez (Vilu) member of Kratherion, Ammit.

In 2010 you released your first full length called “Satan Tottendemon Victory”. How put this out and how was it going into the studio to record a full length release? Who put it out and how was the response to it and I know it just got re-issued on vinyl, but is it still for sale on cd? How did you come up with the cool cover?
“Satan Tottendemon Victory” was the result of many years of hard work after doing compilation and splits. Going into the studio was a great experience as we had to do a more detailed job including musical edition, cover design and stuff. Militia Studio and Proselitysm did well as they took our ideas into account. All material is sold out, we have available a few copies of the last production, the cd split "Embrace the Advance of Victory".

In 2013 you released you latest release called “Embrace The Advance of Victory. Who put this out and is it still for sale?
It was released by Apocaliptyc Records in 2013 and re-released in 2014. There are still some copies of the second edition to be sold and traded.

At what point do you think you came up with the “Diabolical Messiah” sound and to someone who has never heard the band, what would you say you sound like?
We’ve been improving the sound through the years. We have engaged the speed with the heavy guitars in a better way. For those who have never listened to Diabolical Messiah I would say do it now. If you like speed and heavy guitars this is your band!

How does a song come together and around how much time in any given week is spent doing band related things?
We don’t rush. We take special care of the different tones and riffs we work on that’s why we don’t rush. When you get an idea you start working on that immediately and then you show it to the rest of the band. We are very focused on Diabolical Messiah so we dedicate a lot of time to the band.

Tell me a bit about each band member and what are some of your favorite bands and things you guys like to do when not doing band related things?
We are regular people who go to work everyday. We get together to rehearse, drink or listen to our favorite bands. We are very into metal but we prefer Death Metal. We listen to Morbid Angel, Immolation, Centvrian, Dismember, Angel Corpse, Krisiun, etc. We like these bands!!
Now your “Satan Tottendemon Victory” release just came out on vinyl. Why only vinyl and how did this come about?
It took a lot of time. People from Proselitysm and people from Blood Harvest took care of that. I don’t know why it took so many of time to be edited on vinyl but now we feel better as it is out! From the beginning, Diabolical Messiah and Blood Harvest wanted the disc to come out only in vinyl.

When can we expect some new music?
If everything runs smoothly and we get a good contract we should be editing our second record the first half of 2015.  

Please plug any websites you have.
Any last words and horns up for the interview.
Thanks for your time and the interview. We are looking forward to releasing our second record soon and hope metalheads enjoy it. Thanks again for your bestial support, 666!!

August 2014

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