Country: Brazil
Title: Godless
Label: Narcoleptica
Year: 2018
Style: Death Metal

What a strange name for a Death Metal band, I was actually expecing them to be some sort of a Groove Metal band or the likes, but definitely not Death Metal. The band ws founded back in 2004 but so far their discography is quite poor with only an EP and a full-length album released prior to this new EP, Godless. Compared to the album the band's music lost its Thrash Metal component, they've decided to focus on more straight-forward Death Metal compositions it seems, traditional Death Metal that is, fast paced and brutal, based on a serious amount of riffs, quite varied and interesting, avoiding the routine. 3 new tracks plus a cover of a Ratos de Porao track, clocking almost 20 minutes make a good audition for classic Death metal maniacs, especially for fans of Vital Remains or Hate Eternal. The band has some serious potential of delivering dark, oppressive, expressive Death Metal so keep an eye on them, hopefully a new album is about to be released soon.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10