Country: Germany
Title: Eskapaden
Label: Independent
Year: 2020
Style: Raw Black Metal

New ASU album, the sixth to date, and actually not the latest one, in the meantime there's a new one out this year, but again, like on the Die Arroganz der Sterne album, I don't understand why all tracks were composed in 2009-2010 and released only now, something's not right. Anyway, we're treated again with a long material, 6 tracks (like most of its albums) almost 70 minutes long in total, and again the same combination of extremely sharp and raw sounding slow to mid-tempo Black Metal with calm, enchanting even at times keys and synths, but this new album in my opinion has a more pronounced melancholic, nostalgic side to it, even depressive I'd say, it feels like going through an old man's memories, some bringing him a calm state of mind, some saddening him, some even driving him mad of hate and despair; interesting journey, and even though I might be way off with the little memories journey thing that's how it made me feel while playing this album. If you like a combination of razor-sharp, (very) abrasive guitars and vocals with melodic keys and synth passages, give this one a try although I should mention you'll need to spend some time on it to actually get into it.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10