Country: Ukraine
Title: Fighting with God
Label: 2021
Year: 2021
Style: Technical Death Metal

Whenever I hear Technical Death Metal I get excited, this genre manages to deliver such a wide and diverse palette of brutal directions that I honestly think it's as versatile as Black Metal. Hyperboreus are a duo from Kiev apparently founded in 2010, but this one here is their debut album and it seems also their only recorded material, or at least official material, maybe that's why it's self-released, too. 11 tracks, 50 minutes, a heavy, brutal, demanding album that will leave some scars after the audition. This is far from being an easy listening and many, many won't get past the first track, I'm sure of that, it is aimed at the very few that are already well accustomed with the genre in general and are looking for something even more narrow than that, more underground, more demanding. Hyperboreus offer just that, a mostly dissonant, schizophrenic, always twisting and turning, intricate, I'd say experimental music that's brutal and evil sounding, but offer very few moments of catchiness. The production is not as good as such a material would deserve, it's mostly underground and unpolished sounding, not bad or annoying either, but just not professional sounding, more fit for a demo actually. So on composition level the band is totally impressive, they deliver some of the most fucked-up tunes I've heard in a while, but they are also very far from making the news, I doubt this album will impress other ears than the ones already mentioned above. If you're looking for some really, really complex, dissonant, unfriendly and technical Death Metal (with a rough production though), give this one a listen.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10