Country: Germany
Title: The Insanity Abstract
Label: Fastball Music
Year: 2017
Style: Power Metal

After a second album released in 2014 under the Massacre Records label, here's Stuttgart based Vanish following up that material with their third studio opus, this time released on Fastball Music. I'd be curious to see what triggered the band's leave from such a prestigious label as Massacre and join the fast and steady growing Fastball, it may mean Massacre is going down, or not catering their bands properly, or that the band didn't raise up to their standards, or that simply Fastball made a better offer, but either way, it should be interesting to hear. 12 new tracks making an hour of melodic and technical Power Metal, darker than I have expected to say the truth (the five guys look like they are a boys band in the booklet picture, so I was expecting something way mellower), but still extremely accessible and open to wide audiences. The vocals of Bastian Rose are absolutely superb, especially when there are multiple layers of them, perfectly complimenting and leading an already coulorful, versatile and expressive instrumental part, and there are also many synth inserts to make the compositions sound fresh and somehow futuristic, so from my point of view this album will touch multiple ages of Power Metal followers and not only, it for sure has the class and technicality to impress and catch their attention. Vanish is a band I should have heard of until now, and if you're like me, just meeting their name, I urge you to go check their music out right away, it will be well worth it.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10