Country: USA
Title: The Morbid Cult
Label: Independent
Year: 2019 (re-release)
Style: Black Metal

This Ep was initially released in 2017 on limited edition (100 copie) tape by US based label Our Ancient Future, but apparently the band had this urge to re-release it two years after on CD version by themselves, and here it is this CDR that features the initial 4 tracks from the EP, plus a bonus demo of a track that is supposed to be featured on their debut album. What we get here is an extremely abrasive, dissonant, raw type of Black Metal with some Death Metal sounding riffs that pop up here and there along the way. At first I had a really hard time getting over the synthetic, totally unnatural sound of the drum programmings, but after a couple of spins (yes, it took me 2 full spins of this 25 minutes CD) I was able to get over it and actually focus on the compositions, but saying this I realize not many will have the patience to even end a track, hence this far from being something for the masses. The riffs are mostly repetitive and quite simple, but here and there they hit hard with some that stick to your mind, bringing to mind those times when there wasn't much difference between Black and Death Metal, and this feeling is enhanced by the chaotic, demented US Death Metal type of guitar solos that pop up rarely but efficiently. The vocals are as raw and unapologetic as the instrumental part is, if not even more, so bottom line this is something for you only if you're into the most abrasive, brutal forms of Black Death Metal, or even War Metal I'd say and you don't mind some crappy sounding drum programmings. Ah, and the demo from their upcoming album is even more aggressive and impenetrable than this, not to mention the drums are even worse... My opinion is if they'll change their drum machine or even get a real drummer, why not, they'll become a totally different band, one to actually acknowledge.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10