Country: Germany
Title: God Kaiser Hell
Label: Vmbrella
Year: 2020
Style: Technical Death Metal

"Berlin's finest kakophonic dance band" is Peripheral Codex'es take on the music they deliver, at least on this debut album of theirs, released seven years distance from their foundation, so we could say they've had plenty of time to work on their tunes all this time, and apparently that's exactly what they did. God Kaiser Hell is a 9 tracks assault of cacophonic indeed progressive, technical and modern sounding Death Metal, balancing between totally schizophrenic passages that reach notes and sounds you never ever expect them to, and melodic harmonies created by a classy collaboration between guitars and bass lines that are out-of-this-world fast and technical. It's only a bit over half an hour long, but more than enough to get your brains pummeled and splattered to bits; imagine a meeting between Necrophagist's technical ability, Strapping Young Lad's open-mindfulness and Igorrr's craziness and originality, and you're close to Peripheral Cortex. To most people it will be impossible to comprehend and enjoy, but to those into Progressive, Technical and Avantgarde Metal this band will be a serious discovery, I'm just puzzled why they aren't more appreciated / known, but maybe this album will change the situation, they deserve it. Try it out online as it's only released in physical format as limited edition (30 copies) CD box-set, I don't know if any are still available.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10