At the beggining of the interview let's tell us about Ceremonial Perfection's beggining...
It all began when few of us just decided to make a metal band in the end 2007. Being pretty sure, what they wanted to play, they started their thing. The band's first concert came early, in a pair of months. So, as you can see, we didn't fail even in the beginning. 

What is your inspiration? When I listened to your material, I heard more interesting sounds, connection with traditional metal and progressive influences?
That is a serious question. Truly, there is much music, that has an influence on us and on the music we play. Although, we managed to find something different, and when we found it, we simply recorded it. Also, we can get inspiration from everything around us, for example: music, films, books, life experience, ideas, dreams etc etc etc. Look around, there is so much interesting things!

What about your concerts in Estonia, how many people come and how atmospheric are the gigs?
We haven't played in almost a year in our country, but the last concert that we played was really fucking good. Really many people and awesome atmosphere!

Let’s tell me about the metal scene in your country?
Well, the metal scene in our country is not so good. The only more orless famous bands are Metsatöll, Tanel Padar & The Sun, ........... Most of the bands go underground and don't do much. The situation with concerts is the same - we don't have many of them, like, for example,
in our neighbour country Finland.  But, if you want - you can improve something!

You are going to play a big tour in the nearest future, please tell about it.
Those will be the greatest shows so far, I'm sure. After the tour we will release a DVD, how did we make those shows and just what we did during the tour. By the way, the biggest show will be in Tallinn, where we will be oficially presenting the album. Before the concert there will be an autograph session in one of the biggest malls in Tallinn.

Tour dates are :
20.01.2011 @ Estonia, Jõhvi, Old Base Club 
21.01.2011 @ Estonia, Rakvere, Kara Kants Club 
22.01.2011 @ Estonia, Tallinn, Tapper 
23.01.2011 @ Estonia, Pärnu, Vabaajakeskus 
24.01.2011 @ Estonia, Viljandi, Puhas Kuld Club 
26.01.2011 @ TBA 
27.01.2011 @ Estonia, Tartu, RockNRoll Club 
28.01.2011 @ Latvia, Riga, Nabaklab 
29.01.2011 @ Lithuania, Klaipeda, Kreivoji Sarama 
30.01.2011 @ Lithuania, Kaunas, Club Insait 
31.01.2011 @ Russia, Kaliningrad, Sektor 39 
01.02.2011 @ Poland, Rzeszow, Klub Od Zmierzchu Do Switu ul.Mickiewicza 1/3 
02.02.2011 @ Poland, Sanok, Klub Rudera ul.Podgorze 3 
03.02.2011 @ Poland, Przemysl, Klub ul.Wegierska 
04.02.2011 @ Lithuania, Panevezhys, Arena Pizza 
05.02.2011 @ Estonia, Valga, Rockiklubi 

Great plans! What about your newest LP? Is this monolite or is it just a lot of independent pieces? I am asking about the lyrics.
The album is a one piece for sure, but if you listen the songs separately, they are also magnificent pieces on their own.

And what is your favourite music fascination?
Every single one's differ.

Do you know any romanian bands?
Hmmm.. Romanian? I haven't heard anything about Romanian metal-scene.

So, some words for the metalheads out there.
Hope to visit you soon!

And the last question, but very important, I think.  Where can we catch you in the internet?
Check our myspace page, the place for all the latest news about Ceremonial Perfection.
Thanks for interview !!!

Interviewed by Vilcin

December 2010