It took 5 years (2005) to see a new full length come out called "Waiting For His Return on Hells Headbangers. How did you hook up with them and why such a long wait between releases? How was it working with them overall?
We actually met Chase and Erik and there younger brother at one of The Ohio DeathFest put on by Brian Baxter Ablated Records and Regurgitation who’s been in Embalmer for a while now. The Headbangers were just getting started at that time as a small Distro and bought some wholesale Merch and CDs from us to sell. They said they came out for us and a couple other bands.
The reason behind the long wait was due to our Drummer Andy going on Tour as Drummer for our buddies band Jungle Rot (they had a issue you would have to ask Dave about that) and Andy said he was moving. We worked in a new guy and started doing shows again and Andy came back so we took him back into the Band. Then we did some more of them Dwell Records Tributes and Festivals and out of state shows and Andy got Married and Moved again. Then we got another drummer and after working him in and doing some shows we kicked him
Out and got a different guy. So back to Festival and shows and a Mexico/ USA Tour. Then after Mexico that Drummer quit as soon as he seen his Girlfriend and we got Garrett Scanlan from Corpse Vomit/Lividity on Drums. At that time we did some more shows and Festivals and decided it was time to finally finish the songs for the new Album and record. Just before we did Record it we also recorded 2 tracks after 9-11 happened so we put them as Bonus tracks. Overall I enjoyed jamming with everyone people just have issues in life or drugs and Alcohol  got in the way. I was always able to drink like a fish and still play and never stop wanting to jam. Not everyone can and I’ve dealt with guys who had heavy drug problems and that’s definitely the worst. Luckily now all we do is smoke weed and have a few drinks here and there. I personally started drinking and partying when I was 12 so it’s boring to me now. I like feeling good and being aware of my surroundings and being in control. I also don’t care if anyone else does hard drugs or gets drunk by the way. That’s up to them as long as they can play the songs and don’t steal from us or sell there gear I don’t care.
Also I should have mentioned Garrett Scanlan is a killer guy and great drummer he is not one that I was referring to about any issues. Had no problems with him that I would care to mention.
I assume since they were were a new label at the time you had to pay for the recordings? How quick did the songs come together and how long did studio time take?
Actually HHR paid for everything. The Brothers pulled the money together working jobs on top of new Label. Of course Juanjo Castellano did Artwork again too. Evan at DeathGasm Paid for Everything when we worked with him too. I remember in between going thru drummers writing a few of the songs along the way and before we toured Mexico we had written a few more. so, by the time Garrett learned everything it was fast getting the remaining couple songs done. Everything goes fast for us in the Recording studio also. We never go in until we are actually ready, comfortable and confident.
Garrett tracked all of his drums minus one song (the title track “Waiting for his Return”)in one day and then we only took a day or two for Guitars and a couple days on vocals and one day on bass. I had Shaun from Putrid Pile track drums with his Machine on Title track and then I had to record all the rest by myself. Garrett wanted to not bring his drums back for one song and Rob Rigney the Guitarist took his side but my view was we had already Promoted it as “Waiting for his Return “ so as long as Drums could all match up I was putting it on the Cd. So that’s what I did.
Mixing is what takes us the most time. If you check your tuning after every single take or punch in and practice your ass off beforehand it should be smooth going. Oh and we had an evening with some friends doing some back-up vocals like Rich from Fleshgrind.
But Garrett started playing more frequently with Lividity at this point and was mad at me I suppose so we just sort of left ways and Andy came back yet again to do a few shows and record a couple Demo songs we had written together after Waiting Album. These 2 songs have only been released onto YouTube and also a cassette “Enemy of God” out of Europe. It’s funny that there is so much History when I really get into it.
What are your thoughts on this release these days? Is it something you can listen to and are there and bad tracks on it would you say?
Uh oh I’m gonna get in trouble now Chris LOL!!!
Well actually after 9-11 happened we were all fed the scripted story and of course every good American rallied behind the President. As did we and I wrote “Terror in The Holy Land 9-11” one of the bonus tracks beside the Slayer “Piece by Piece” cover.
After finding sources like Alex Jones films I realized America has been sold out by Treasonous Politicians. Actually a lot of people do not know after the Civil War the Country was Bankrupt so what did our bright Politicians of the time do? They sold America as A Corporation to The most rich and also mega rich Banking families of the time. This is a simple Google search if anyone is interested in knowing why forever your favorite Politician Flip Flops on a lot of things that originally got them elected. Anyway to stay on topic and not get overly Political (I try to avoid it) I don’t agree with everything I wrote about in them lyrics and I know now that The Mossad, CIA, Saudi’s and the 9-11 Presidential Cabinet perpetrated the entire False Flag event (Just as they turned the other way to allow Pearl Harbor so they can enter the War.) Probably others like MI6 and what not from Europe but there All in the same club trying to usher in a One World Communist style Government with a Depopulation Agenda cause there’s way to many of us to handle. A great source to learn more about 9-11 is from Journalist And Author Christopher Bollyn. Alex Jones in my opinion is bought out (his old films are still great) and old news. I could go on about DARPA and other Agencies making the public think “Conspiracy Theorists” are nut jobs and The CIA Hollywood connections making it even more so but that would take some time. I’ll just say they all called us crazy and now everyone is a Prepper.
In 2007, you released a split 7" on Blaspherian Records. How did this come about? Did you record a new track specifically for it? Is it still for sale?
I still have a few copies left I recently found in a box but other than that I doubt there very many out there for sale. Wes Weaver at the time had just started Blaspherian and we traded Mail for years before that when he was still in Imprecation and later Infernal Dominion so he asked if I could talk to Hells Headbangers and set something up so I did.
The track was something I had recorded for Alex from Grand Belials Key & Arghoslent who was putting out a Compilation CD called Smashing Rainbows. I figured since it was only estimated to see 1000 to 2000 copies and was a new track why not put it on the 7” from HHR as well and it would get 500 more and be done with it forever. Now it has its place in Metal History.
In 2008 a compilation was released in Maltkriss Productions. How did you hook up with them and what is on this release and why only on cassette?
I believe MaltKross found me when I was using MySpace to find bands for Metal Festival bookings I was doing at The time. Hard to say cause I am always networking and in the Trenches.
The Compilation Cassette was only Old School Death Metal bands and I still have a bunch of sleeves and the Master someplace I think. He was supporting Old School DM bands and Cassette before it was popular again like it is now. Actually it’s kinda funny I have to admit I don’t even remember what song we put on that.
Ha Ha. It took 12 years until a new release. Did the band actually break up and you just recently brought it back to life? Are there any old members from previous line-ups or is this all new guys besides yourself?
Yeah about 9 or 10 years Ago we recorded 2 Demo tracks in 2 days of new Material with myself on Bass/Vocals and Rob Rigney Guitar and Andy Vehnekamp Drums just before Andy left to move permanently to this time Texas. The tracks weren’t really released other than on Cassette again from Maltkross Production in France and on Youtube from theBOHMproductions thru a friend. The songs were “Gospel of Blasphemy” and “Fortress of Sodom”. I wrote these songs with Andy (I played Guitar at practice) and showed to Rob and we actually had a couple others in the works that got lost over the years since then.
These 2 tracks was for another Full Length but since Andy made the decision to move again after coming back I wanted to at least get the 2 tracks Recorded the weekend before he left.
Anyways I was never short on Material or ideas I just couldn’t keep a solid enough line up.
After he moved we had some guys join and practice a few times and stop coming and then I had to show songs to more new guys over and over and finally did a last show in Kentucky at a Festival with my friend Roberto who came here from Italy on Guitar ( his band in Italy was No Mercy) and on drums was Brett Fugate. (The show clips are on YouTube). By this point Rob Rigney has Drug issues and a volatile Marriage and I kicked him out and after Kentucky I just needed a long Break when Brett was now gonna Bail on The Band and we had to cancel a couple shows because of it.
Luckily before Andy left and we had Kristopher from Krabathor on Guitar when Rob was yet again missing in action we also played some good shows but when Rob came back Chris left so it’s like the band is Cursed or something and very stressful at the time for me.
This is why I finally decided to sit down and Write this new Album and Record “Depopulation Agenda” by myself with Scott Creakmore doing the Drum Programming for me while at Mercenary Digital Studios.
And I had Tom Bradner NUM SKULL do solos and Skip Mcgullam original NUM SKULL Vocalist and now Luna In Sanguinem do Guest Vocals.I wanted to spend a lot of time on the Recording and Mixing and make this my comeback Album and also did a Dismember Cover on it and re recorded classic  track “Dead Corpse of Jesus Christ” from Blood of The Saints. Everything else is new or stuff that never got Recorded such as the song “Words of Scorn” that Rob and I wrote with Garrett Scanlan and was supposed to be a part of Waiting for His Return. So...yeah after my long break I was still getting a lot of feedback from fans all over The World asking for a New Album and I was tired of letting others keep me down due to their lacking of Motivation and problems or whatever. Also I wanted to just keep the Band more to its original Roots Lyrically this Album.
Now fast forward and it’s being released all over on various formats with different artworks and packaging and I have a solid Touring Band ready to go. But, CV-19 hits and our Asia, Australia, and Europe dates thru Pur Meneer at our Asia Label DarkPath Records was Obviously now Fucked and the Talks of Mexico and South American Dates also are Fucked for the foreseeable future. Other Labels That have released The CD so Far are Bestial Burst Finland and Maltkross Production on Cassette and next coming are CD from UnHoly Black Records/ Black Blood Production Mexico and also Strangulation Records Colombia. All Artworks and Layouts are ready to go. I just need to secure a Label for Vynal LP and do the Digital myself. So to make this long answer finished it seems like I’m always holding this together someway somehow and I am the only Permanent Member. Luckily I have always been the Manager and the Main Musical Contributor and Write the Lyrics and all Album Titles and ideas so as long as I keep it going it will always be what people have come to expect.
Damn Chris reading back thru this interview I wonder why did I torture myself so long LOL.
With your new release, how did it end up exactly it being on so many formats on so many different labels? Did any of the other labels care? Once you got rolling how long were you in the studio for? What has been the early feedback like and besides the obvious reasons, why a Dismember cover tune and why that particular song?
I had been approached by a couple of the Labels and the rest just came together from either fans actually helping make it possible or from just having conversations about it thru Facebook messages. A lot of people missed the bands activities and were asking for years for a new Album.
I decided rather than shop for a Larger Label to go thru smaller but more dedicated Labels. And also due to things being more Digital Releases now and Physical format sales being a fraction of what it used to be, I personally felt multiple Labels targeting specific regions was a smart move. All the labels involved know and understand the situation with multiple releases and that’s another reason for all the different Cover Artworks and Layouts.
I was in the studio around 2 days a week for about 8 weeks, maybe an extra day or two. I let Scott Creakmore just work his Magic with the Mixing and Mastering at Mercenary Digital and once he was finished gave it a final listen and done. He normally does exactly what I want and the only changes are very small ones if any. He knows what We want and is a long time Headbanger. Once you get that killer drum production the rest is easy.
The feedback has been Amazing on this Album. I never make a record and expect every single person to like it though. I was never into that Mentality of Trendy sell outs. I first write for myself and what I like to hear. I wrote what I think the scene lacks and what I would want to hear in a band doing this type of Extreme Metal and after that if other people also enjoy it then That is even better. Because in my opinion there’s so many great bands but not enough doing a Blasphemer Luciferic type band in the old way anymore other than a handful and all the rest is BM bands.
As far as The Dismember Cover I always wanted to do something from that Musical Era. The 89/92 hey day Era. I always especially enjoyed the first Dismember Record and when you do a search that always seems to be a popular track so it was also easy to find reference Material to properly learn the Notes of the riffs. Next I would love to do a EI Cover of a track from the American Morrison’s Studios Scene and do a song from The Debut Album Deicide. The Swedish DM and American DM scene from that Era were Among the best for sure. Of course I also enjoyed a lot of the NY style bands as well as many other killer DM scenes Globally.
Out of all your releases what was the easiest to put out and what was the hardest and why?
I would say the Easiest was definitely the first one “Blood of The Saints “ because it’s actually two demos ‘97 “Evil Incarnate” & ‘98 “Christ Destroyed.” Evan at DeathGasm had done all the layouts and stuff to so we just sent Artwork and a picture. The most recent Release “Depopulation Agenda” was hands down the most Difficult.
I had talked to HHR and told them I worked something out with my good friend Scott Creakmore at Mercenary Digital Studios to be able to pop in around some other stuff he had been working on and that way it will take longer but we could in the end have spent much more time with it. We both wanted it to be the best sound EI had ever had before.
Anyway the agreement was simple, I would for first time provide the Recording from my own pockets and they just pay for Art and I get a percentage of Copies and Digital sales while retaining all my musical rites. The problem came when the Artwork would cost $1000.00 I think. I’m not sure but I think this is why they decided not to release the Album on HHR. That fine and I wasn’t too upset other than I waited a entire year to finally be told that. Also Juanjo Castellano in Spain already completed the Artwork. Sooo...I was left to try to find a Label who would pay Juanjo $1000.00 because we are friends and now I felt obligated because I hired him with agreement that HHR would pay for this. At any rate basically I had to now spend months if not a full year seeking a new Label and negotiating and all the rest after I thought it was good to go and to soon be released. That pissed me off and I sent out some feelers and a lot of Labels had full sceduals and others I didn’t even bother because I said Fuck it and took a long Break again.
Once I refocused and stood back up and dusted myself off I started working harder than ever before and found some homes. Unfortunately for Juanjo I may never find a guy that wants to pay him to use the Art for a Release and I am already focused on Luna in Sanguinem so much now that if I do bother with Evil Incarnate it will be for a couple Tours in support of Depopulation Agenda and then I wouldn’t bother with Evil Incarnate again unless I decided to do one Final Release. I do already have some ideas of what I would want to do. And Luna in Sanguinem as well has more songs ready to record and is doing very well. It’s ok I am still on good terms with HHR and we agree to do shirts and things sometimes but enough of that I don’t want to shed any bad light onto them they are great and have their reasons. We helped to build each other in the early years of HHR. That artwork is so Amazing though and I know Juanjo is a little upset about it and for good reason because he works hard and deserves whatever he can get for it.
Are all your releases still available in some form or another? If something is sold out, could it see a re-release one day?
Yeah other than some used copies I see on places like E bay and the copies I have at home I found recently everything is mostly sold out. If someone looks hard they might find a copy at some small distro someplace.
I have some copies of “Waiting for his Return” on CD and around 30 LP’s of our debut “Blood of The Saints” and a few of the split 7” with Blaspherian. I am personally Autographing and selling soon the LP’s. Those copies are very rare and go for some good cash actually. I will not Rape anyone on the price though.
The vinyl’s from “Blackest Hymns of Gods Disgrace” I see once in a While used and used CDs as well but not many on E bay. So that one is sold out. Deathgasm Records still has our stuff for sale digitally from the Labels Bandcamp as do Hells Headbangers.
The re releases that are currently being discussed hasn’t been set in stone but I just sent the Digital Files for a super limited and special CD release of “Blood of The Saints” that should hopefully be out by the end of the year in USA from a Small UG Midwest BM Label Verboten Front Media and I have discussed a small run of CD’s with a small UG European Label (we will see how this pans out soon). The other re release would be For “Blackest Hymns of Gods Disgrace” on both CD/Cassette and would be on a much larger scale probably with shirts as well but I can’t say yet with whom. If people want to keep up with any news follow my personal page on Face Book. Just search Michael Eisenhauer and you’ll find me. This and my personal E mail but I don’t post e mail anywhere due to excessive spamming. These are the 2 most easy ways to get in contact and I am always looking to network with bands and also talk about release options with Labels. I am easy going also. I just ask for quality and dedication to promotion within means (send me some copies) and also I should mention my e mail is the same it has been for about 20 years. So if your an old friend or someone I was in contact with you probably already have it. I do this band for the Passion I have and for The Glory. Not everyone can wake up in the morning knowing they have created something people all over the World respect and sometimes can be fanatical over. That to me is payment. I absolutely Love being Labeled “The Kings of Blasphemy”, It is my gift to The Master and my Venom to The Churches. All of Them!!!
Love your attitude my man. Now to switch gears a bit, you have been on 4 Dwell tributes. one Slayer, one (Die by the Sword, one Black Sabbath one (Symptom of the Universe", one Destruction one "Tormentor", and one Venom one ""In Nomine Satanas". Tell me a little bit about how each one came about and is there a favorite or least favorite of the bunch?
Those were awesome because it was when CDs were still selling hot and all the big store chains carried them. It was cool for us to have people say “dude I was at Sam Goody” or “Best Buy and seen your shit and bought one.” We actually also recorded a Twisted Sister tribute track and did “The Beast.”
We also had been offered to appear on several others but didn’t feel it would fit our sound and style well so declined. My least favorites were Destruction and Twisted Sister because I had a friend who was with us that was supposed to do guest Guitar solo on these 2 but came all the way to studio and told me to do it and I could use his guitar. I was arguing with him to no avail and was like, ok I haven’t played a scale let along a solo in 10 years but G I guess I have no choice so I did some dumb shit just to have it. I think it’s stupid and sucks but some people like it so it cool. The rest of the 2 guitar tracks on these 2 Tributes are good but my Rhythm Guitarist Rob Rigney didn’t even bother to show up to the studio that day and lied after not answering his phone and told us falsely he was in Jail. WTF? Ok, well I did it but wasn’t practiced for it cause I thought I was just doing bass and vocals. Anyway we carry on...
The other tributes that we did with Dwell I like but on the Venom and Black Sabbath we were on a release date deadline and already cashed the checks and I was in Jail again (this time for real unlike Rob) and I was serving 6 months. I called the guys and told them I was gonna ask Scott Creakmore to sing my vocals for me ( that’s why it’s so deep he’s low) and they have to record my bass lines and it is what it is the band must go on and when I’m out of Jail live shows can continue. The Slayer tribute was our first one and I am the singer. Also this one is probably my Favorite and also i really like the Venom even though I am not personally on it.
Throughout this interview you have mentioned about this other band your currently in. Please spill all the beans on that. You have known me a long time Chris I am not going to miss out on any opportunity to Promote something I am doing and thanks for asking and including them.
The new band is Luna In Sanguinem and our Debut EP is “Global Bloodbath” anyone can listen Free at
As for the band members it was created by Myself and Drummer Patt Maxwell in Winter of 2018. I write all the Music and sometimes Patt helps me with Arrangements or a couple times has hummed a idea I had to figure out and create into a actual riff but usually everything is ready to go and Patt just has to decide what beats to use and get the changes down and I teach it to our Bass player Rod Valdez and I write the lyrics. after I do a ruff recording of myself singing them I hand that recording and lyrics to our singer Skip Mcgullam. We don’t want to be trapped in a box with any particular musical style of Metal. If it’s kick ass we use it and doesn’t matter if it reminds us of something Thrashy or Death Grind or Old School DM/BM Traditional Heavy Metal or whatever. It’s also nice to be more creative musically and lyrically so I’m having a great time and everyone is dedicated and gets along and if we vote on everything we do so that it’s fair. I still do some back up vocals and so does Patt but it’s great having Skip Mcgullam. People will remember Him specifically from The Classic Album Num Skull “Ritually Abused.” Patt recorded a Album and Toured with Wrath and has another band called Miners and Rod is a fast learning kick ass bass player who use to be in local Chicagoland Thrash band from late 80’s/early 90’s called Dementox. These guys are all so Talented and we play shows as often as we can and have all known each other for over 30 years so it’s absolutely perfect! I can’t wait to get out and Tour with this band not if but when. Get out of the way or get run over. I wanna say don’t hesitate to contact if you trade shows or do Radio, zines or anything Metal Related we’re giving out promos like crazy.
That is fantastic. Yes, I have known you for a long time, can you believe in some ways your still involved in the underground these days when so many others have left the scene?
Yeah it’s cool to see some are still here. And others are no longer active with a band or Label or something else they did but still stay in contact from time to time. I still book Metal Shows and other things to remain active besides Creating my own Music but there’s no money in booking shows. I give all the pay to my bands and if I make anything it is from some Merchandise items I sell. You have to have passion and want to build the scene and do it for Fun. Unfortunately not everyone understands this and since they don’t always understand it’s not always money they do not last. If there’s any extra money that is just a occasional bonus as far as I’m concerned. As long as bands at least have a great time and don’t pay for the gas then it was worth it. Of course now it’s even harder but you carry on and never give up doing what you love because life is short and you only have one.
Do you feel it is harder to get people to come to shows these days unlike days past when going to shows felt more special?
It was coming back strong in a lot of places around Chicago and Milwaukee areas and then Covid slammed the doors shut. Especially as a show Promoter if I did a small 4 band Metal Event All Ages with a couple Decent bands Popularity wise and a couple lesser known acts (who never usually Promote by the way uhh WTF?) I could bust my ass and on a Average night pull in 50 to 70 people in little Town of Lake Villa Illinois at Terminus Theater North of Chicago near Wisconsin border. Now the bands I can pull from is More than Cut in Half and on a Metal night I’m at about 30 Paid thru the door Typically so at least the scene is still Alive. My singer from Luna in Sanguinem is very good friends still with Dave Matrice from Jungle Rot so we were gonna have them and start doing bigger acts but Covid hit. J Rot will pack the place at Full capacity on a bad day cause it is capped at the club by Fire Marshall at 200. Dave’s cool as fuck he was in Num Skull back in the day also. I have always gotten along with him. But anyways for a typical show with a band who needs at least $100.00 to $200.00 to play and then Some other good bands you could before Covid still have a decent little show. Plus you have all the band members and girlfriends or wives and a roadie or something looking like more is there but now it’s all barely staying alive.
I think what I am seeing very clearly though is The Bands remaining active regardless and fighting onwards are moving to the Front of the pack and the rest are on life support unless they are already on a larger Label. Interesting to see now who survives thru all of this Bullshit and who can’t make it and dies off. I’m predicting if it last a couple more years a lot of Band break ups. Not mine though we are running Strong Luna In Sanguinem. Unfortunately for Evil Incarnate The Tours we have waiting for the Green Light won’t happen. In that case I’m thinking of at least doing a couple Local shows even if it’s just temporary fill in Musicians to help make it happen. Mike Legros from Disinter in Chicago mentioned wanting to do some shows if I needed him and I know my Drummer will do it like he has already mentioned as well.
In your career, have you managed to play overseas? If so where and who with?
After 9-11 happened that December Evil Incarnate went on Tour in Mexico with Krabathor (when Paul Speckmann from Master was on Bass) and Texas band Masochism and besides local Mexican support we had Anarchus jump on a couple of the shows with us. It was supposed to have South American dates but something happened. I never got a straight answer from The Tour Company Black Earth. But, On the Tour we finished off in Texas and some other USA Dates but although it wasn’t Overseas it was out of Country and only thing I have done like that. The part about that Tour for “Blackest Hymns of Gods Disgrace” that was interesting that I can actually talk about is that all the other bands were Cancelling Tours after the 9-11 Attacks and The U.S. State Department issued a Red Flag Travel Warning to Mexico but we went anyways and so did the other bands and had a Awesome time. We had Standing Ovations every single night that we played.
The Mexican fans were amazing and so Die Hard I would highly recommend it to anyone. Also our Road Crew who set up our back line each night was badass and fun as fuck.
Do you have any regrets as far as your musical career goes?
Yeah I do have a few regrets actually. A big one I would rather not mention details caused our 2 Album Contract with German Label Morbid Records (RIP) to fall apart before it started. Let’s just say that it’s ok to talk about a lot of things in this World but some Religions are considered Sacred. But my stance has always been Brutality 100% regardless of whether or not I hurt anyone’s feelings. It is supposed to be Venomous. But all I had to do is remove a few lines from the “Waiting for His Return” Album and it would have had Tours with the likes of Grave or Dismember and direct Distribution thru SPV. But I stuck to my guns and we have not fully recovered since. Morbid Records did a great Job with “Blackest Hymns of Gods Disgrace” license though and that helped us a lot. For every Fan I have ever lost over the years with my Political views creeping into the band we have gained at least 10. But honestly part of me does regret not keeping The German Government Happy and keeping shit to myself if I had particular opinions and the other part of me says fuck it this is my Music and my platform to express and if anyone does not like it so what, kiss my Ass! This is Metal!!! I do Prefer keeping Evil Incarnate straight Christ Hating Blasphemy in our original way as I have done on “Depopulation Agenda.”
The other regret is not keeping the drummer we had after Andy left and went on Tour with Jungle Rot. The kid played just like Andy and never complained and was so dedicated but he was so pissed the 2nd time we took Andy back over him he refused to talk to me again. I can’t say I blame him. But had we kept him we wouldn’t have had so many times with inactivity due to issues coming and going. But Andy is Amazing and is better for sure no doubt and he’s BM all the way. Hell I would jam with him again too...
My other regret is after I didn’t talk to Rob for 5 years actually listening to my wife who said “just talk to him” and he promised he wasn’t all drugged out and was a changed person. He was worse than ever. And each time he gets a new Girlfriend he quits and blames it on everyone else. I jammed a year with him and a drummer till he did it to me again. Fuck!!! I never learn I suppose. But overall I wouldn’t change a thing. Evil Incarnate fans are Global and Die Hard and very Serious.
What can we look forward to you for the rest of 2020 and into 2021?
Well I have some guys like I said overseas learning Evil Incarnate set list. But everywhere I go with Luna people wanna know when EI are playing next and I have some guys here interested so if I get people who won’t waste my time I’ll do something stateside. Otherwise I am going to see if anything Overseas happens after Covid clears and if that’s too late I might as well Record one last Album and hopefully the World isn’t so fucked and I can get a couple EI Tours going for that. Otherwise if anything I get one final Album and retire EI and focus solely on Luna in Sanguinem who should be doing very well at that point in time actually so win win for me. It will be a little Depressing to be Honest knowing Evil Incarnate has so much potential and to be laid down like this. I love them Evil Lyrics and have a lot of ideas still for it. But I am so excited for the new band I can find a way to handle it thru Luna in Sanguinem and We will be doing another EP in couple Months. Evil Incarnate fans can trust that I have at least 1 more Album I want to do even if Covid last years and no Touring because of it.
Please plug and websites or social media pages for anything you wish.
Oh Really? anything huh? Ah... Hahaha!!! Just joking and Thanks a lot Chris. This has been one of the best interviews I have done.
For Evil Incarnate the only contact is find me personally on Facebook and if you want to play in the band definitely let me know. My url is -
For my New band our Official Face Fuck is -
And to hear our Debut EP for free visit -
You will also find at Hear Now all other links such as Spotify and more. Search us on YouTube and you will find the Debut Lyric Video. All I have left to say is Evil Incarnate is not done yet and Watch for Luna In Sanguinem because I am relentlessly Promoting and we are as active as we can be Due to CONVID Global Operation that is slated to run thru 2025 in “Their” own words. Welcome to Global Communism if people don’t wake up. As long as America Stands Strong this is Impossible and they know it. Citizens Rising with one Fist United Under The American Flag is our only hope of Freedom otherwise the worst is yet to come. No Freedom sounds like no Metal Shows to me. Fuck!!!
Horns up for doing this great interview and anything you care to say the floor is yours.
Awesome Chris I think I Hammered all the info Home on that last question brother and I’ll get that new Luna and also Evil Cd and shirt out to you. I have some cool old Num Skull stickers left too I think. (sounds good to me-chris)


Interview by Chris Forbes

August 2020