Country: Switzerland
Title: Deus ex Machina
Label: Fastball
Year: 2020
Style: Groove Metal

Another band that had the misfortune to schedule their release concert for their debut album this year, and it never happened; actually they scheduled it twice, in hope things will improve in the second part of 2020, but on the contrary, they got worse. Too bad because I'm sure this album is the result of some serious working hours and it came with the enthusiasm and hopes of a band made of members in their second youth to say so. Deus ex Machina is made of 9 track in almost 45 minutes of playing time, 8 tracks being originals and the last being a cover of Tasmin Archer's Sleeping Satellite, the artist name says nothing to me but I obviously know the track, it was a big hit in the beginning of the 90's and I'm sure it will ring a bell to you too when you'll first hear the cover. The Swiss quartet blends Groove Metal with Melodic Metal with Alternative Rock with Progressive Metal and ultimately with Traditional (Thrash) Metal a la Metallica, so a big pile of influences from all over the place but the result is quite curdled, unitary and nothing feels forced or unnatural in the overall process. They are obviously skilled musicians, you'll hear plenty of little gems in execution here and there, each instrument having its own spotlight at some point (killer guitar riffs and leads, intricate and powerful drumming and a fantastic bass line throughout), but the frontline is obviously taken by the versatile vocals of Celine Bart whos tone ranges from straight Pop-like to Melodic Metal to more powerful, raspy, commanding Metal. It's a good album that in my opinion only lacks of some catchier choruses to be more memorable, but since it's a debut, it's more than well-done.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10