Country: Brazil
Title: Split
Label: Defense Records / Mythrone Promotion
Year: 2019
Style: Crust Blackened Metal / Crust Doom Death

I haven't seen many Punk bands starting to explore Metal fields at some point in their career, especially dark, somber territories of Metal, but that's the case of the first band featured on this split, Brazilian Macula who started in 2010 as a straight Punk band and slowly added Crust influences to a point where now their music could be pinpoint into a mix of Blackened Crust with Dark Ambient and D-Beat Death Metal, a clash between dark, spooky music and angry, unapologetic rhythms, all this lead by some ferocious, visceral, growling vocals. Totally unexpected turn for a Punk band, that's for sure, but the best thing is they are actually creating some kick-ass Metal I haven't listened to before, so obviously I recommend this band for a taste of something different; the band has released mostly splits so far, so they are still working on a debut full-length. Interesting discovery!
After Macula's three tracks, fellow countrymen Extinction Remains are next with 5 tracks of their own that slow down the rhythms to a crusty Doom Death that's oppressive and ominous, and weird enough featuring some Punk influences that make some parts become faster and more energetic, not something that's usual for this style, so here's another band that doesn't follow patterns. Most of the music is instrumental, the vocals have little inserts, so you'll mostly enjoy a variety of riffs, a machine-gun bass line and a drummer that balances between slow and fast passages. Enjoyable, promising and courageous band, but somehow I feel they demonstrated less in 5 tracks that Macula in 3, I feel a full-length album will give us a complete picture on their potential. 
Interesting split between two obscure Brazilian bands that may have a serious word in the scene in the near future.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10   7/10