Country: Switzerland
Title: Private Hell
Label: FastBall Music
Year: 2018
Style: Groove Metal

Holy shit, these guys have been around since 1989, with a short hiatus indeed between 2002 and 2007, but still it's a damn long time for a band that to me at least is completely unknown. It seems the've started as a Death Metal band back in the days, but they've now reached to play a Groove Metal that I'd personally describe as a meeting point between Sepultura (Chaos AD days), Soulfly, Sliknot, Machine Head and maybe some more of such names, but you get my point, SoD sound powerful and professional, and that in small part due to a fantastic vocalist, Jerome Thomas, that will make you feel afraid to ever meet him (then you look at the band picture and that seconds this thought even more, haha). Jerome's vocal timbre is angry, raspy and commanding, perfect for this type of music. The instrumental part is excellent as well, from metallic, aggressive riffing to melodic passages, the guitar work is a joy for any Metalhead, then the drums are precise and fast paced most of the time, supported by a solid bass line that lurks in the background creating that oppressive feeling this music needs. Overall the compositions are catchy and most of them have that hit-factor so I'm not at all surprised these guys have been around for so long, I only hope their efforts will be noticed as they deserve to step into the mainstream of Metal, that's how good their music is. An almost perfect album that can turn teenagers to Metal without problems.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10