Country: Spain
Title: Cacoangelion
Label: Vertebrae
Year: 2017
Style: Black Metal

After a quite long hiatus, this Spanish demonic trio Temple Abattoir are back with a new studio material, this time a 5 tracks EP clocking close to 25 minutes. I have a soft spot for A5 digipak releases and this one looks sick, indeed, starting with the expressive front cover that comes as a small poster within the case, too, and ending with the 4 pages booklet that features the lyrics that in Temple Abattoir's case are deeply important in the overall atmosphere and "story" of the material. We're offered traditional mid-tempo to fast paced Black Metal with raw and dark production that still stays within the confines of "good quality" though. Razor-sharp tremolo riffs are combined with other more melancholic I'd say, supported by a strong, upfront bass line and an organic sounding drums section, and all this fronted by ferocious almost growling vocals backed by Black Metal shrieks like bursting from the underground, very sinister sounding. So even though the whole can be stamped as traditional Black Metal and you'll know from the start here it's headed, I'd say it's still quite versatile and offering in many aspects, it's a dense material able to captivate your attention throughout its whole length, and most important, proves Temple Abattoir has the potential to be one of the leading names in Spanish Black Metal.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10