Country: Finland
Title: Demoni
Label: Independent
Year: 2019
Style: Doom Metal

One man band hailing from the small Finnish town of Kerava, close to the capital, Helsinki, Kalmo started releasing stuff in 2017 and so far only released singles, so what we have here is its debut official material, a 6 tracks effort with the latest track actually being considered a bonus track and except for the fact it is the only one in English I have no idea why is it a bonus. Anyway, to understand Kalmo's music think of an extremely raw and unfriendly Doom Metal combined with a ritualistic like repetitive song structure and plenty, plenty of experimentation that feels like the band is trying to be as clumsy and dissonant as possible, to be as abrasive to the listener as they can be, so if Doom made you think of something relaxing, just think again, and to get an idea on the vocal compartment of this release just look at the cover art and imagine that demon would start singing (well, singing is too much said, rather cursing, yelling, spitting words) and you'll get the idea. All in all this is too rough and experimental to gather a wide following, but I guess fans of weird music, experiments and evil music (especially Finnish speaking listeners) would something to chew here. Self-released on good looking digipak CDR with 8 pages booklet with all lyrics featured, and there's where the "Finnish speaking audience" thing comes about.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10