Country: USA
Title: Substratum
Label: Swords and Chains Records
Year: 2016
Style: Heavy Metal

This is actually the band's debut album from 2016, but in the meantime they have already (for sure by the time you're reading this) released a new one, Permission To Rock, so this might seem outdated, but anyway, I have received it for an opinion and here I go. Substratum are hailing from the Grunge capital, Seattle, but their music couldn't be more distant from the genre that made this city famous all over, they are a female fronted '80's classic Heavy Metal band whose music is based on memorable assaults of guitar riffs, with plenty of hooks, good leads and clever solos, certain to make you bang your heads throughout the 52 minutes playing time and beyond. Some of the tracks are thrashier, and some have a more Rock feeling, but Amy Lee Carlson's vocals make them all sound angry and energetic, she not only looks, but also sounds like a true frontwoman for the band, expressive and influential; the guitarists are taking influences from the '80's and even '70's, there's plenty of diversity to enjoy (the intro from track 7, Curse of the Soothsayer Part I: The Beggar's Toll, reminded me of Scorpions believe it or not); the drums sound organic and unpolished, and the bass lines are subtle but deep enough to bring more heaviness to the pot. Even if it's not the most original thing ever, it sounds like there's plenty more where this came from, and above all it makes you feel like they mean it, like they are in this genre for good, not only for fashion (see the retro fashion), they sound genuine.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10