Country: Italy
Title: Bagliori nel buio
Label: Vacula Productions
Year: 2019
Style: Black Metal

Debut album from this Italian duo (now a trio after the addition of a drummer this year), Bagliori nel buio is a 12 tracks material clocking almost 50 minutes of playing time offering an old-school type of Black Metal, but not traditional Black Metal, rather a loose one accepting influences and elements from a lot of other genres, even less aggressive genres so the end result is quite eclectic and contrary to my expectations quite enjoyable, too. At first listening I was reticent towards this combinations of styles but it grew on me more an more as the album progressed so after a couple of auditions I can conclude I like it. The vocals are rough and evil (shrieks supported at times by growls and even female vocals), and probably the driving force towards the Black Metal side of Antro Nero, but the guitar and part of Antro Nero is all over the place delivering catchy riffs from a broad range of genres even though one could say the base remains Black and Death Metal. Eclectic is the right word to describe what's happening on this album: at times it's groovy, at times it's symphonic, at times doomy and at times fast and aggressive, that's why it is almost impossible to perfectly pinpoint this to a certain genre but the base is Black Metal, yes. Try to give it a listen and make up your own mind.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10