Country: Russia
Title: No Gods, No Masters
Label: Wings of Destruction
Year: 2019
Style: Thrash Death Metal

I think this one was initially intended to be released on tape or even 7"EP because the 4 tracks featured are presented as Side A and Side B, Side A for an original composition and a Sabbat cover track, and Side B for two live recorded tracks, but ended up being released on CD only, at least so far. Anyway, for who doesn't know Tiran is the birthchild of the man with the same nickname, also owner of one fo the most prominent Russian underground labels, Wings of Destruction. The man is a total beast on the mic, his vocals are so demented you won't believe it, it reminds me of the early Thrash Metal days when the kids just discovering and playing it were so energetic and so enthusiastic they let loose their most inhuman sounds. The one original song featured here sounds like Benediction and Carcass went for a beer or more at the local Heavy Thrash pub; it features both faster and brutaler sounds as well as plenty of tasteful melody, a very good song in my opinion. The Sabbath cover of Witchflight turns even more towards a Heavy Thrash path, and the two live recorded tracks are total Thrash Death debauchery: fast, dirty, alcoholic tracks! Fun release, Tiran prove they are well worth checking out!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10