Country: Spain
Title: Doble o res
Label: Blood Fire Death
Year: 2018
Style: Thrash Death Metal

Fresh from the press, this new, third full-length from Spanish Siroll continues their collaboration with local Blood, Fire Death Productions, a label (or management agency, not sure though) that continues to promote national talents. 11 tracks, a bit over half an hour of playing time, mid-tempo to (mostly) fast paced Thrash Death Metal with plenty of Groove Metal and Melodic Death Metal influences throughout, with lyrics in native tongue, so a material that seems to be focused on territories speaking this language, but that's fair enough from my point of view. The compositions are diverse, quite complex and at the same time quite catchy, Siroll sounds like a mature, curdled ensemble, one that clearly did their homeworks during the first 10 years of existence (the band celebrated a decade of activity this year). Doble o res sounds energetic, accessible and at the same time powerful and aggressive enough, and my guess is this band absolutely kills it live, actually although the music is very good, the production as well, I'd say this music is way better for live shows rather than listening to at home; anyway a recommended material, try it out!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10